How do you? And other holiday stress mysteries…

Good news. NAMI is having a meeting next Wednesday night in Hemet. Come join us! 😉
We will be discussing, how to handle holiday stress. Um, indeed.
Before I tell them that this is too stressful for me to think about alone, would you tell me how you handle holiday stress?…

Gratefully, your own,
Dr. Q

4 thoughts on “How do you? And other holiday stress mysteries…

  1. I am not doing all this myself. It is a group/family effort, a “we” thing. Set a budget so you don’t spend all your tax refund several months later just to pay off the extravagance. Drugs and alcohol use won’t make things easier or more enjoyable.

  2. Drug and alcohol use will not make things less stressful or more enjoyable. Don’t do it all yourself and if others don’t contribute let the gaps be gaps. Realize it is not burnout time.

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