Are You Chosen To Suffer, Frog?

i feel ugly

i feel green

i feel i could eat a fly in-between

there are moments in my day

when all i do is think, and i think

of all the things i feel

and now i think

i feel a horn on my head

oh the weapons i possess between my ugliness and horn

and survival skills i guess

i am am just mean

i mean

no one will kiss something green

and warts are contagious to hand-holding romantics

and life is just hard.

life is hard when you’re a frog.

Question: Are you chosen to suffer? Is life hard because of who you are? Where is the the friendliness in that? Please tell us your story.

Self-Care Tip – Find the friendliness in your opinion of yourself.

A juvenile forked-tongued frog from West-Javan...

A juvenile forked-tongued frog from West-Javan mountain rainforest (Photo credit: gbohne)

16 thoughts on “Are You Chosen To Suffer, Frog?

  1. Nancy emailed this directly to post on her behalf:

    I love frogs. They live in our ponds around our house and it’s great to hear them happily ribbiting, especially now in the spring. Of course, there’s the hawk who also lives in our yard. We love him, too, but frogs aren’t happily ribbiting when he’s around. However, I’m pretty sure that God created the frogs to suffer so that the hawks could eat, just as God created flies so that the frogs can eat. But I have too often asked why God created us to suffer and, believe me, Psalm 139 and I have had many a go-round about this subject. Now that my Bible, on the page on which Psalm 139 sits, is so covered with questions marks, exclamation points, underlines and multiple comments (most of them not all that nice ), I have come to realize that God created us out of love and had no intention of making us suffer. God gave us (and those who have hurt us) choices. We live by those choices, because of those choices or in-spite of those choices. Those of us who have survived, to one extent or another, have survived like the frogs in our pond. We’ve learned from experience that sometimes we need to leave the warmth of our rock and dive under a lily pad for a while to avoid the hawk. God gave us and the frogs that choice and I’ll take it anytime. It has something to do with taking care of Me.


  2. Wow: that’s an interesting question, Sana. I’m still in the middle of accepting the whole ageing thing. I will never forget feeling instantly invisible when I became pregnant for the first time. Didn’t like the feeling at all. But the life of the mind seems to make this whole thing bearable. There are still places one can be appreciated for oneself.

  3. Don’t feel sad, mister frog. No one is chosen to suffer. We all suffer at some points in our lives, but no one is specifically meant to be targeted with suffering anymore than anyone else. We weren’t created just to suffer. For those of us like the frog, our attitude can be the problem, and we need to accept ourselves for who we are. If we accept ourselves, others will, too. And if they don’t, who needs them anyway?

  4. Very nice and thought provoking…do we choose to be happy or sad despite the circumstances? It’s all a matter of choice, and I choose to be happy…and ever positive! Thanks, Sana.. πŸ™‚

  5. I definately relate to this frog. I know I am beautiful on the outside, I get complimates saying I am. But inside its not pretty, I’m not always encouraging myself, I put myself down over and over. At least I am aware of this, but it is ttruly hard to be a friend to people when i am not there alot in time for myswlf. Who knew i could ever relate to a frog??

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