Are You Chosen To Suffer, Frog?

i feel ugly

i feel green

i feel i could eat a fly in-between

there are moments in my day

when all i do is think, and i think

of all the things i feel

and now i think

i feel a horn on my head

oh the weapons i possess between my ugliness and horn

and survival skills i guess

i am am just mean

i mean

no one will kiss something green

and warts are contagious to hand-holding romantics

and life is just hard.

life is hard when you’re a frog.

Question: Are you chosen to suffer? Is life hard because of who you are? Where is the the friendliness in that? Please tell us your story.

Self-Care Tip – Find the friendliness in your opinion of yourself.

A juvenile forked-tongued frog from West-Javan...

A juvenile forked-tongued frog from West-Javan mountain rainforest (Photo credit: gbohne)