12 thoughts on “Mom Turns Bad – My Daughter’s most recent title… Hmm. What does it mean when her character’s mom is so “bad?” Ah!

  1. It means that she loves her mom very much and knows that when she has a bad day it’s okay to “take it out” on Mom because she is loved unconditonally. God bless you for being a mom like that. I would haver have dared to write something like that about my mom because my father would have been called upon to teach me a lesson. Your daughter obviously has a dad she knows loves her unconditionally, too!

  2. It’s probably a Darth Vader thing, or in the fairy tales the mother often is bad. She probably isn’t manifesting anger, etc. Or little girls love Mommie Dearest type characters. I used to invent characters with evil mothers and my mom hardly ever punished me for anything, let alone Joan Crawford/ Hot Sauce Mom type ways.

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