The First Premise of Being A Friend To Yourself. Me.

What is being a friend to yourself?  As long as we have been talking about this, we still wonder.  Although a dynamic concept, we have a premise that doesn’t change.  Everything starts and ends with Me.

Seated in any test, laid aside any stressor, blocked by a wall of most threatening construct, being a friend to yourself begins here.  We have that to guide us and will never ever have to ask again, “Where do I start?”  We never will lose ourselves to the confusions around us of looking for our home; our point of reference and direction.  There is immense usefulness in this.

Question:  How has this starting point helped to reorient you, to decrease negative climax and increase presence in your life?  How has starting with Me been friendly and/or how is/will be starting with Me be friendly?  Please break it down and tell us your story.

The Vanishing Point

Image by Roger's Wife via Flickr

Self-Care Tip:  Start with Me to start being a friend to yourself.

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4 thoughts on “The First Premise of Being A Friend To Yourself. Me.

  1. The question, for me, is not “Where do I start?”. After a year and a half (or more) of participating in this journey, I know that answer. I start with Me. The question, for me, then is “How, under the present circumstances, do I start?” Every day brings something new and each new thing (and lots of the old ones) cause me wonder “How do I take care of Me THIS time?” Sometimes the answer is simple; often it takes a lot of work to get started; recently it has seemed almost impossible; never, though, will I stop trying now that I know how valuable this concept is to my mental health.

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