Day # three. Say it out loud.

I like my short hair.

My hair has been long since I was round eight years old and I miled, by way of identity, with that dark healthy slightly curly low maintenance face-frame. Life yuck and plain old dying processes turned a few strands gray.

My tendency to anticipate the impact of loss on myself and my relationships, it’s been a while now that I’ve wondered and wanted over aging on Me. In my effort to toward myself into the inevitable rather than be taken by it, I cut my hair.

That may or may not make sense to you, but when I went home and spread the shorn trusses that used to be part of me out around trees and dirt, I liked myself a little more.

Day three of our, Say It Out Loud, challenge is here. Come and say what you like. Say what you delight in, in you.

Say it out loud.

10 thoughts on “Day # three. Say it out loud.

  1. Hey Sana, I’m still into my body today and I am liking my hairstyle these days too. Used to be short went a little longer and its very soft and feminine and funky. Hmm just like me. I love my age. I am happy to be 51 and tramping through the forest today sweaty and out of breathe. Because it sure beats the alternative. Do I look like the poster girl? Nope. And I am good with that. I am grateful that I can sit and wait patiently in God’s time to see if our son was able to play his way onto a high level ball team. Last cuts are this weekend. They are on the field as I type this. Feel a little iffy but for the most part I can be patience and honest that I am nervous. Hey I can be honest that I am human and have hopes and dreams and desires and I am so grateful I can talk to Father God about those things and understand His will but that I can ask and express my humanness. I am grateful my daughter is alive today because 8 years ago she almost wasn’t. She was in a coma with an Acquired Brain Injury (she’s got her BA Honors degree now!) and I drove over where she was hit and lying and I got to thank God for that miracle. I am so happy and grateful for our three children and the stewardship of them. For my husband of 27 years who I have been with since I was 20. I am grateful for the sun today, the mountains that surround me and the forest and clean creeks and rivers and the ocean that lies at our feet. I am grateful for the warm cozy home to come to, my lap top to write on, dirty laundry because it means we have clothes to wear, and things we do to get dirty and the means with which to wash them. It means I get to share my life with others today. Food to prepare, movies to watch, books to read, children playing in the playground. Birds at the feeder, my little garden coming to life. Magazines from the library book sale, knitting, tea, snacks, home and hearth. I am so grateful for the love of God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit that guides me. I am grateful for my car and gas and insurance. I am grateful for this beautiful brain inside of me and this incredible body that desires to continue to heal and be whole, even when I haven’t always taken the best care. I am grateful for my job and all the people I get to touch every day. I am grateful for my friends and I am so grateful that my life is crazy busy and so normal in so many ways. I am graeful for the sun shining in the big cedars trees that look all golden. I am so grateful that God loves us so much that He created so much beauty for us to enjoy. I am just so grateful today. Love you Sana. Col. One last thing, music, I am SO grateful for music.


  2. I like that I still want to learn and make an effort to do so, especially when it comes to art, even at 72. Now if I could just like the fact that I’m 72………….


  3. I like that I am taking time for me and NOT feeling guilty about it!!! It’s exhausting to have to explain why you need “me” time to yourself. I’ve realized that I am the reason and that I deserve it. No excuses, no guilt!!!!


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