Designed to Stand But Not Alone – Day 2, Say It Out Loud

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20091101 – TouchGraph friend graph (normal) (Photo credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL))

Hello Friends.

Yesterday, hearing your voices was like drinking a green tea soy latte, no sweetener, extra matcha, with a scoop of protein!  Your courage to say what you like and are grateful for about yourselves out loud is supportive, inspiring and necessary for the well-being of those around. We are all designed to stand, to be accountable to self, to start and end with Me, but not alone.

Sometimes when I’m in the middle of a work-out, the urge to pack up and go fork into a greasy breakfast is almost overwhelming.  Looking around contemplating my escape, I see the Kaia-girls.  I would never make it without them.  Never!  (Arg!  She’s still here!?!  Dang-her!~  Maybe if she knows I’m going to Denny’s, she’ll leave too…?  Alright.  I’ll stay!  Darn it!)

Yes, designed for community, saying it out loud is friendly to Me.

Please join us in day #2 of our, Say It Out Loud, challenge!

Throughout the next two days, when you think of something(s) you like & are grateful for about yourself, say it out loud to us.

I’ll start!

I like my increasing Kaia-girl self-value.
Say It Out Loud.

8 thoughts on “Designed to Stand But Not Alone – Day 2, Say It Out Loud

  1. I love my body. This has not always been the case for various reasons. Society says this is not how my body “should” look. However . . . . after 51 years I have come to love my body. I love how it has learned to swim, to be strong, to help teach people. I love how my body can hike, and swim, and dance and stretch and just be. I love the curves of my body and the texture of my skin. I love how my body “grew and birthed” 3 children and nursed them and carried and loved them. I love that this body is shared with my husband. I love the amazing shape of my feet and my forearms. I love my curvy hips and my busty bust. I love the shape of my collar bone and my neck. I love the shape of my face and the set of my eyes. I love how my hair softly curls and holds a good haircut well. I love my body. I am incredibly grateful for my body and all the healing it has done. And despite the fact that I have not always treated it well this beautiful body is a healing machine that just wants to grow strong and be healthy. And most importantly this beautiful body, this earth suit I have been blessed with is the “jar” that carries this soul that is of God. Its a pretty fine jar that God gave me if I say so myself and its high time I thanked God for this body and really loved it because this body is a generous gift from God. Time to stop berating myself because I am berating God. Also, I am grateful for God, for Jesus and the Holy Spirit. If I started a list of what I am grateful for it would be a very long list.
    Sana I am grateful for you and all the people who read this blog and contribute. I am grateful for this day and all the blessings that are in my life and coming my way. I am Grateful. Love Col

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