Treatment Settings in Psychiatry


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I thought I’d just talk briefly about some treatment settings in psychiatry.  It is confusing for anyone in the community, from nonpsychiatric physicians to architects, to know the differences between these.  Some of us have been through some of these programs but many many of us haven’t.

  • Inpatient, which is 24 hours a day and includes voluntary and involuntary admissions.  Here we have a skeletal number of group therapies and see the physician daily for psychopharmacology adjustments.
  • Partial Hospital Program, (PHP,) which is generally Monday – Friday, from 9am to 3pm, and always voluntary.  Here, we work in intensive psychotherapy most of the day, and psychopharmacological treatments with the physician at minimum once a week.
  • Outpatient, such as in a physician’s private office where psychotropic medication and psychotherapy are used.

It generally takes time to influence the way the genes express themselves in any therapy, whether it is talk therapy, medication or ECT, to name a few options.

This is skeletal.  Any comments or additions?

(Random) Self-Care Tip 🙂 – know your options

4 thoughts on “Treatment Settings in Psychiatry

  1. I’ve been treated in all three situations. The 24 hour one was two weeks long and I was there to be taken off one medication and taught how to use an MAO inhibiter(sp?). I think I was too sick to get anything out of that experience other than to understand how to use the med they were putting me on. As it turned out, the MAOI ended up to be the worst drug I had ever been on and, within a month, I was unable to walk or talk and was hospitalized for over a week learning to do both. I still list to the left when walking. Not a good drug!!! At least for me….

    I was in outpatient therapy for 16 years. Now that I’m out of it, I question whether I might have been in it too long. Then again, I think I couldn’t have left unless I really didn’t need it any more. Still miss it but only because, after 16 years with one person, sometimes three times a week, you miss the person part of the relaltionship.

    PHP was the most intense theraphy I had. I was in it for three months one time and a month and a half the second. It was difficult but I learned more, in a shorter time, than I learned in any other situation. Can’t say I’d ever want to do it again, though, but I’m not in a situation where it’s needed, so you never know…..


    • I love your reply, nance. you tell your story travelling through these three venu-treatment settings in a personal relatable way that i’m sure makes sense to many who didn’t understand what they are. it helps. thank u! keep on.


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