Put The Struggle Down and Take 3 Steps Back

I almost gave up on tonight’s post.  But after taking a Glee break watching Kurt get bullied, get defended, then get out of his school, I felt more refreshed.  Go figure.  What I have to tell you about self-care tonight is to go back to the basics.

When you become inundated with all the good things out there to do, go back to the basics and let it rest.  Get your sleep.  Take your omega 3’s and vitamin D.  Take your medications regularly and step back from the struggle not to.  In fact, if possible, put all struggles down and take 3 steps back.  There is time enough to pick them back up when ever.  Go to sleep and sleep well.  If you don’t think you will, take something to help.  Something safe that will protect your deep sleep.  Then, get up, worship God, exercise and see what’s next.

Any time you want, any time you need, any time, you can go back to the basics any time.  These are mine.

Good night folks.

Self-Care Tip #120 – Get basic with yourself.

Question:  What are your basics?  Please tell me your story.

8 thoughts on “Put The Struggle Down and Take 3 Steps Back

  1. I don’t know how you do this every night. I can’t imagine how exhausting it is to do what you do every day and then write this blog for us. Thank you for your dedication.

  2. This is such basic advice, but it is what we all forget we are NOT doing when we start to feel run down, sad, tired, or just overwhelmed and it generally works to start pulling us out of a ‘funk.’ Rest, meditation, exercise. Basics.

    Thanks for the reminder. Cheers…

    • Hello Teri! thanks for reading and commenting. you and your swoopy hair and stair down looking profile pic are all too much fun to have around! you remind me of a cousin i have cousin-worship for. keep on doing what u do.

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