Roughly What We Covered With The University Students

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What is psychiatry?

Components intersecting at cross-point where stands Psychiatry:

  • The practice of medicine
  • The practice of business
  • The practice of one’s personal life
  • The doctor-patient relationship
  • The pursuit of Quality of Life

Who should go into psychiatry?

  • Consider temperament
  • There are areas of medicine that are more procedural based versus more weighted toward patient-doctor exchange.
  • The medical system is incentivized by codes and governed by layers of administration.
  • But the question begins with Me; what am I incentivized by?  Again, consider temperament.  Temperament encompasses perceived moral values, and where pleasure comes from.

What is brain illness?

  1. Biological
  2. psychological
  3. sociological

We are not in this to cure anything.  We enter psychiatry to improve quality of life – through approach of the biopsychosocial model.

Questions for you:  

  1. What is psychiatry?

  2. Who should go into psychiatry?

  3. What is brain illness?

Self-Care Tip:  Approach brain illness w/o expecting a cure, but rather a process.

2 thoughts on “Roughly What We Covered With The University Students

  1. Without revealing too much, let me say that I experienced psychiatry on a personal level for 31/2 yrs. They were the hardest yet most rewarding years of my life.
    blessings ~ maxi

    • Thank you Maxi! I’m so so grateful u share your story and voice w us. we need to hear u and knowing this improves our shared experience.
      “hardest yet most rewarding” – wow. any way u r able/willing to tell more about it? i hear u saying w/o revealing too much :)…
      keep on, friend.

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