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From Sheila Hillis with NAMI:

I’ve found a learning resource that I thought some of you might be interested in.  Have you heard of Coursera?  It’s an online learning resource with many many courses offered by colleges and universities–all for FREE.

Charmaine Williams, will be teaching from the University of Toronto, and the course will cover mental health and mental illness from the perspective of promoting mental health.  There will be an emphasis on the social factors, how our experience of mental illness is influenced by them, and many aspects–services, practices, and policies–will be explored.

To enroll in Coursera, you do need internet availability and a browser that will support the video lectures.  Additional readings are optional, and a certificate can be earned by completing the class, doing the homework assignments, and taking quizzes.  BUT, I think, you can also just listen to the lectures and read the online readings and still enjoy the learning without feeling the pressure of “going back to school.”

Check out Coursera at

Thanks–Sheila Hillis

Mt. San Jacinto NAMI

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