Use something other than your condition to mark your value

typical American family, September 1940

typical American family, September 1940 (Photo credit: austinevan)

I do not really want to examine my faith.  It is just a paper flower.  Where my faith comes from, now that excites, like a outlet into energy.

Watching, The Grapes of Wrath 1940 drama film directed by John Ford, tonight with my family, we all knew that we were frail, one or two missteps from disaster.  One of us asked,

“Why wasn’t it a big deal when someone died?”

Oh, but it was.  The people were breaking, could barely dig a grave for their family member, and that may have come across to a youngin’ as if they did not care.  When we are breaking, we look at life differently.  It is a big deal.

Casy says it at Grandpa’s burial, “All that lives is holy.” Chapter 13, pg. 184

I see this in patients sometimes.  People who are done with the bull.  People who know that whatever it is they thought was so great about themselves is just rubbish.  People who know they are more than the sack of skin that holds their fire.  These people are looking for where their life comes from, for a moment of realness to fuel on.  And these people taking medications, getting electroconvulsive therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, scraping at life to survive, these people are.

However, we do not really want to examine our hard work, though it is so close to what makes life great.  Our courage and grit rises up like a green mountain.  Where our grit, hard work and courage comes from, that is Holy.

There is strength and Holiness there, no matter about our condition.

Question:  What is special about humanity?

Self-Care tip:  Use something other than your condition to mark your value.

12 thoughts on “Use something other than your condition to mark your value

  1. This if very deep!! I recall a study was done on residents that were 100 years or older. 95% of them said that if they had their life to live over, they would take more risks. We do play it safe, or at least I do. That does not add to our value unless that means we do not take foolish actions or want to protect our family.

    I was very ambitious during my career. My wife wanted to be a stay at home mom and was willing to live on my limited income. I felt very responsible as a provider and that drove me, but I loved my career. Noble or Selfish? Hard to tell


  2. I believe what is good about humanity is our ability to change and become better. It doesn’t mean we all do, it just means it is possible. I also liked this one today. I heard something that has helped me. “Don’t identify yourself by your illness”. It is not “my” depression. It is just depression. It is not “my” anxiety or “my bipolar” It is just anxiety or bipolar. When we start to identify ourselves by our illness, we lose the ability to change and grow. We start to become that which we have been trying to change. Thanks for sharing today.

  3. The ability to empathize with other humans and animals. Though I’m sure some animals are able to empathize, we are on a higher plane.

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