3 thoughts on “This centered me today

  1. I am glad this found its way to you, also. I saw it yesterday and it made my day for many reasons. It was very touching, but I have a cousin whom I just visited on Wed, who has ovarian cancer, and her husband updates friends and family by email. He just made a comment about his beautiful, strong wife and how much he loves her. Her name is Loraine, as well. I hope others enjoy this and are moved and centered by this piece too.

  2. Is that an amazing movie? When I was young, my family vacationed at the “Sweet Loraine” every summer. The name of the actual hotel was the Heiden Hotel and the family that owned it was the Heiden’s. The movie was filmed at the Heiden and there are a number of family members that are extras in it. The film affected me in more ways than one because I have so many connections to it.

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