Twitter chat – PTSD

Please join twitter chat today. First one of our kind! Smile.

#yourMH chat on PTSD 12-1 pmET

Best Practices & Tools

Always use #YourMH in your tweets.

They keep track of all of our questions T1, T2, T3, etc. We recommend that you reply with T1, T2, T3 to follow Twitter chat.

If you are planning your responses to the questions from @drgabycora in advance, target your answers to 100 characters to allow room for #YourMH as well as room for retweets to mention your handle.

Use and sign in using your Twitter handle to participate. This tool has a lot of great features including:

a. Automatically adding the appropriate #hashtag(s) (#YourMH, #PTSD) to all of your tweets (so you don’t forget when replying and engaging with the audience).

b. It has a pause button that allows you to pause and slow down the Twitter stream.

c. It can also remove retweets so you aren’t seeing multiples of the same message.

Be sure to have your Twitter mentions page open in a separate window. Check it periodically throughout the chat. Many people don’t know how to participate and/or forget to use #YourMH, so you may receive some questions or comments there. Be sure to complete your reply with #YourMH, so that everyone can see the benefit of your comments/answers.

Have fun and remember you don’t have to reply to everyone!

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