More Good News on Increasing ECT Awareness

I so regret my distance lately from you here at Friend to Yourself!  Thank you very much for your presence and forgiveness.  I am not “gone” although quiet.  My brain has been working on this idea of God and how he intersects with self-care, which has been challenging for me.  I’ll start talking again soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to connect you with another wonderful article,

6 thoughts on “More Good News on Increasing ECT Awareness

  1. Hello my friend!
    Good to “see” you!
    I just a good friend with 32 years of sobriety go through ECT and he is vehemently opposed to it. He felt like it was more harmful than helpful.
    Until we start dealing with these deep seated emotional conflicts that are the trouble for most in our culture, we are just putting band aids on gaping wounds


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