Blessings surround me

David Robert Johnson, MD

Hello Friends,

Thursday, Redlands Community Hospital was able to make an exception and allow us to spend three ultimate hours with Dad In the ICU. He was smiling and attentive. Interested and listening. He had a happy day. We told him our thoughts. Read to him your many notes of love. He especially perked up with my cousin’s report of starting to read a Bible Dad had apparently given him some time ago. That kind of thing has been his and my Mom’s life passion and I don’t think there was much of a better way to say goodnight.

Dad was getting tired. He had started to grimace. There was blood coming out if his ngtube. His pressures were rising and his heart rate was up. Dad said he was ready for his fentanyl. Then he fell asleep.

Around 2am the next morning, Friday, we are told, Dad was asleep and then he wasn’t.

This is the “time,” and he’s not suffering. We are all glad about it. But there is so much of me that still wants him here. My right-arm feels like a knife is in it. My joints hurt. I have a headache. Even in the condition he was in, I would take him if I could.

I will be waiting my whole life for him; for that fortune of being loved by him again. The ground will never be the same under my feet.
Today my Dad died.

There’s never been an Easter weekend like this for me. I’m super grateful for the many layers in our experiences. I feel like blessings surround me. Goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Thank you for being a reader here and sharing in life with me so well. We will wait together.

Goodnight for now Dad.

17 thoughts on “Blessings surround me

  1. Sorry for your loss! I lost my dad in 1997 and still miss him daily… lmk how I may help you and your family during this time

  2. Have been having you and your whole family in all prayers. I am so thankful Rob doesn’t suffer any longer but what a loss for our world. It is such an honor to have known him and to see the man that he has been. You four kids are truly blessed to have David Robert Johnson as your dad. We love you and your mom so much

  3. I had the GREAT privilege of knowing Dr. Johnson. He was and is an amazing man! He dedicated his life to our Lord and his wonderful family!! I cannot wait to see him again, and to see that beautiful smile that was on his face!! Love you Dr Quijada!

  4. Hi Sana, We are so sorry to learn about your Dad. We are holding you and your family tightly in our hearts and in our prayers. Please give our love to your dear mama. Longing for Jesus to come! Love you all, Julie

    Julie Pumphrey


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