Do This.

A basic recipe to becoming a friend to yourself:

Before, during and after # 1-6.  Love.  Find it.  Go to it.  Be in it.

1.  Sleep well regularly

2.  Aerobic  exercise at least 5 to 7 days a week.  Try to hit 60 minutes as many days as possible.

3.  Take your supplements:  Omega 3 and vitamin D.

4.  Do what gives you energy.  This means what is congruent with your inner self.  If all stressors disappeared, along with all roadblocks, what would you want to do?  Do what ever that is as regularly as possible.  Is it playing basketball?  Is it playing with children?  Is it canvassing?

5.  More on the above.  Get creative with it.  Grow in that area.  To do this requires work.  So the 5th ingredient is to work.

6.  Reflect on yourself.  Take stock.  Are you feeling more friendly with yourself?  If not or if not enough, consider medications.

This is not a complete recipe.  I didn’t speak about diet, water, air.  Can’t live without them.  But for now, I wonder what this recipe will make for you.  Please let me know.

Self Care Tip #27 – Do this.  Be a friend to yourself.

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