Branding and Branded. Stigma Goes Both Ways.


Oh, the struggle to understand that behaviors may have something to do with the brain! I shake my fist at stigma! I shake my fist at prejudice!

Now, I can go on a little calmer and say, if you are struggling with this yourself, you are not alone. Even if you are the one propagating it. You stand on the shoulders of others.

In Jesus’ own words:

Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.

He was talking to me, I know, and you.   We have all been rude and ignorant in our own time and our own place.   We find ourselves holding 2 positions, accuser and accused. The context of our various roles changes with knowledge, coping skills, experience, maturity, pain, mental capacity and so on.   But that we hold both roles in some space of time and place will never change in this world.   Even in heaven when we “see face-to-face” we won’t be completely informed.  We know we will continue learning timelessly. What will change is the abuse, the prejudice, the judgement.  Once and for all, we will finally let that go and believe at a chromosomal level that God is and deserves to be the only Judge.

There must be a genetic component to our double lives in this world. This tendency towards stigmatizing. We know there is a lot that isn’t genetic and for that we fight to grow ourselves and grow others for our own sakes and for theirs. The benefits reciprocate as much as the pain does. And even though being branded feels personal, it is not.

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Self-Care Tip #109 – Don’t take it too personally when people sneer. Be a friend to yourself.

Question: How do you keep yourself objective when prejudice hits you or someone you love? Please tell me your story.

6 thoughts on “Branding and Branded. Stigma Goes Both Ways.

  1. I don’t know that it’s relevant comment, but I once sidestepped a man on a pavement, I thought he was drunk, but he was suffering an epileptic fit. To this day it is my most shameful moment.

  2. Because each of us is a person, not taking it “personally” always proves to be a bigger challenge than initially imagined.

    I think once we understand the ‘reasons’ for taking it personally we can grow past it.

    • Hey Thysleroux! I agree! Understanding is a portal to something more. That is great. When things don’t feel right inside, when there is inner incongruence, we have the hope that with understanding our options will increase and maybe align us more with ourselves.
      I’m trying not to take it personally though ;).
      Keep on!

  3. Sana, you always state things in such a beautiful and uplifting way. It can sometimes be hard not to judge others, especially with media influences and having knowledge of an individual’s past. When I find myself judging someone else, I have to constantly remind myself that it is not my place to judge them. I don’t like being judged by others myself…I love the way you put it: God is the ultimate judge.

  4. Hello JMR. Thanks for reading and for your lovely comment! Knowing I connected with someone out there is fuel when the tank is low. It’s incredibly motivating. Many thanks.
    Also, today is another day. I posture myself towards God and want what He does so well – cover me! Keep on!

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