Blog-Jacking by Mr. Rick C. – #2 (Do I or anyone really deserve this?!)

Hello Folks.  Today Mr. Rick C. is taking this post over….

As a person with a vast amount of psychiatric experience, I have learned the importance of watching for danger signs in others and myself.  Recently, you may have noticed, our very own DQ displaying a few atypical qualities.  Let’s take a look at her last blog.  Apparently, she has now given herself the new name of Dr. Q (any body remember that show Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman…Hamm) and began referring to herself in the third person.  Another great blogger, xcandyxcane, does this effectively but differs from our own “little bundle of identities” by acknowledging that she is speaking in such a manner.  Dr. Q aka DQ aka Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman may or may not be aware of this.

Her blog entry seemed well written, as always.  However, she did seem a bit flustered by the fact that she got a few negative little thumb things.  Let’s put this into perspective, depressed people can be negative.  It is a key symptom of being depressed.  We are here to learn how to make little thumbs up things more often.  The fact that I picked this up and she did not, while not unusual, could be an indicator that she is not functioning at her highest level.

Finally, a sure indicator that she is teetering on the brink of collapse… the use of that oh so pointed word, “shucks.”  I can only imagine the stress and pain required to push her to such an outburst.  For these reasons, and my true desire not to watch “The Doctor Formerly Known as Quijada” spiral down to a point at which she goes on and on about flooded basements, frogs and Lebanese births, (certainly was a fun week you may remember,) I have taken it upon myself to give her the day off.  If nothing else, I’ll make her sound really professional when she returns.  Let us all keep her in our thoughts as she sits comfortably in the castle (aka future sink hole) she calls a home, self-medicating while being a friend to herself.

Since I am not a real doctor, I cannot share a heart warming narrative about the one-legged blind puppy being held by the child with such a distant look in his eyes as his mother crocheted for reasons unbeknownst to the rest of the world that came into my clinic.  However, I would like to speak up about an aspect of this blog that I am truly pleased with.  (And I’m not going to try to understand what the word “paradigm” means that she keeps using.)  As I took in the fine nuggets of wisdom that are typical of this blog, I was especially pleased with the mental image when reading the description of  “Gorgeous Candy.”  Of course, any functional male reading this immediately recognizes this fine moniker.  (There is no medical term for that, I looked.)  Trust me, Q had no idea, none what so ever.

So…. as I absorb the plethora of psychiatric knowledge, I realize, I could very well be the man who could save Gorgeous Candy.  The image is clear in my mind and I know I can help.

All right, at this point, I would like to share a story about my drinking and a self-help program.  One night, after ingesting a large amount of alcohol, I decided to sit down on the couch and enjoy some television.  Interestingly, at three in the morning, there are many programs on involving various forms of “self-help” for a fee after calling and speaking with gorgeous women.  You can teach yourself to speak Icelandic in three days.  Several programs guaranteed to make you stop smoking and drinking while you do nothing.  Then – my personal favorite, the Flowbee.

The Flowbee allows you to cut your own hair with a vacuüm cleaner attachment as demonstrated by some great looking individuals.  As a result of my intoxication and the brilliant manner in which it was presented, the Flowbee sounded like an excellent idea with very few negatives.  I called just in time to be one of the lucky callers that got a discount knife set, as well.  Not so surprisingly, I was intoxicated when the Flowbee arrived.  No problem… easy enough to operate and certainly no need to watch the instructional video.  Hook it up to the Shop Vac and away I go….

Folks, you have not experienced incomprehensible demoralization until you have had a Flowbee lock onto your head with the full force of a ShopVac behind it.  At this point, as I lay on the floor trying to kick the plug out of the wall, I realized that my life was completely unmanageable and I would possibly need to go beyond the resources I had within myself.

Upon having the Flowbee removed from my head, I was fairly certain that all of my problems had been solved.  Hence, I went back to drinking.  Several years later, I would discover the twelve steps.  When I did, I was in Texas and had the fortune of becoming part of an AA group where people had no problem being honest or saying it like it is.  One of the first things that I was told, was that this is a “we” program and that if this program were to rely on “self”…. Well, based on my track record of helping myself first, I was in trouble.  Every single step talks about “we.”

Through the years, I would learn more about how important the group is to a twelve-step program.  Furthermore, the basis for AA (the first of many twelve step programs) is a movement called the Oxford Group.  This was a group that became popular around the turn of the century.  They had some basic principals that have become the basis of twelve step programs.  Key to the Oxford Group and twelve-step programs is the benefit of sharing among a group that is working this same program.  There are many tests online and other places designed to help individuals determine if they are or could be an alcoholic.  I think, for many, this test could be simplified into…. have there been times in your life that a Flowbee sounded like a great idea?

Please, share with me your thoughts.  Why are paradigms important?  When doctors self-medicate… is there a copay?

This would make even less sense if I was drinking…. Can you imagine?

22 thoughts on “Blog-Jacking by Mr. Rick C. – #2 (Do I or anyone really deserve this?!)

    • Cindy,
      Yes she is. I can hardly wait for the genius she will produce after the brief rest and refreshment. On a serious note… I looked it up and the Flowbee is still available. Even more disturbing, there are competitors selling Flowbee knock-offs. Be careful and we will look forward to hearing your Flowbee story.


  1. Carl… I am not ashamed to admit that I know exactly what you mean. Originally, I assumed and went with the currency definition. I thought that perhaps she was just using an alternative spelling. Interestingly, upon doing so, the posts made perfect sense. The brilliance of Q shall never again be question (never is a long time… i’m sure an hour will be sufficient)


    • According to the dictionary, a paradigm is a model or pattern. That seems to fit what Dr. Q. was writing about. It could also be the “inflection of a verb or noun showing a complete conjugation or declension”, but who cares about that part of the definition? I think we who enjoy and get so much out of this blog do so because of the models or patterns (of behavior, I would assume) that Dr. Sana writes about every day. Thank you for that, “Doc” .

      Hope this helps the rest of you understand a word I didn’t understand, either. It’s a good word, now that we know what it is, don’t you think? 🙂


    • Kevin… I also had difficulty finding a definition for this word. Let’s walk through this together by first breaking it into smaller words. para-dig-ms. Still makes no sense. Hmmmm… I found the definition listed below which should make everything crytal clear

      (pronounced /ˈpærədaɪm/) has been used in science to describe distinct concepts. It comes from Greek “παράδειγμα” (paradeigma), “pattern, example, sample”[1] from the verb “παραδείκνυμι” (paradeiknumi), “exhibit, represent, expose”[2] and that from “παρά” (para), “beside, by”[3] + “δείκνυμι” (deiknumi), “to show, to point out”.


  2. XC,
    You are a great blogger and a cool person for sharing all of the stuff you do. As for missing a lot…that can be a good thing and bad thing. The gripping saga of a mother and the only basement in California kept us all on the edge of our seats for days. True gut wrenching drama that captured the hearts and minds of a nation.


  3. i know my warning signs yep im at them at the moment all the things i have learnt over the last six mounth ill have to use them now im in crisis im really hurt but on the light side i can still see the light its had a big big hit today im just listening to knock knock on hevans door and you know i have grown up im going to take it like a man not hit the drink im going to work myself to death not litrely i got the awnser to a question in a relationship not the one i wanted i knew this was coming i cant afford to go into a black hole uni is starting next mounth ill have to cope and its very hard


  4. im ok everyone i calmed down did as i siad took my own advice if you know your warning signs its brilliant it really helps you an ex girl friend phoned and siad she was getting married and having a kid and i was trash i took it quite hard but im back out of the black just to let everyone know the one thing i have learned off sanjaand the one thing look after yourself seems easy to say it to do a lot harder i have never known any other way than to harm me when something bad happens this time i stood up to it and thought ill be no good in america if im dead and why hurt myself in the first place the help is there i cryed and cryed and all that was going threw my head is look after yourself you can do it and i did i aint going to get complacent that was just a little reminder that i have bpd to me myself but the inportant thing is i seen the stop sign dont do thanks everyone


    • Good for you, Kevin. I think we were all worried. I’m so happy that this blog has helped you. It’s helped me, too. We have a lot to be grateful for but I think one of the things I’ve been most grateful for recently has been this blog in which we can all “talk” about what hurts and know we’re safe in doing so – and, yet, learn enough from Dr. Q and others that we know what to do to care for ourselves.

      I hope you have a better day today!


    • Good job, Kevin. Glad you are here and it seems like you have figured out some effective ways of dealing with pain. In the US we have something called “Caller ID”. Probably “Tele ID” or something like that where you live. When certain people/numbers come up…. it might be better not to answer. You’ll wonder what they may have been calling about and that will be annoying, but not painful… in my experience.


  5. theres latin names for allsorts im not sure if its for doctors but im pretty sure they will do the same lawyers talk in latin to for example bizzy lizzies Impatiens walleriana holstii we had to learn the latin names nidus the shore


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