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Day 349 of 365 - Self Care/Friends!

Self-Care Tip #160 – Keep talking.  Be a friend to yourself.

Lingering in the afterglow of what all of you have said in your comments over that past six months, I am distracted in the best of ways.  The comments so often complete the post.  We are a team you know.  I hope that more of you noncommenters will shuck off your shrouded lovely selves and say something to us.  Because it is not true on this blog, that casting your bread upon the water just makes soggy bread.  Nope.  You’ve all been my living examples of this.

Yesterday, Nancy wrote,

“But to associate self-care with freedom actually made me feel free today….”

I could have cried because… I just can’t say all the many reasons why she blew me away with that.  I don’t have enough fingers to point with.


the civil war inside of us.

Mr. Rick C. in his Blog-Jacking #2,

Folks, you have not experienced incomprehensible demoralization until you have had a Flowbee lock onto your head with the full force of a ShopVac behind it.

That one just won’t stop coming back!  The visual itself is an almost permanent gift.

Kevin Blumer keeping things light talking about stress,

I love stress I absolutely love it being busy 10 pizzas to make in 2 mins…

Some days ago, Pattyann wrote,

I think it is much easier to ask for help and receive it when we stop looking at an illness as a personal failure.

Is there any better way of saying that?

Our own articulate CarlDAugostino who shows so much interest and respect to so many of us gave me this,

I have never really heard of this “self -friendship journey” It is a wonderful concept…

Yes, you show me that I matter and that I am not alone and that it turns out, …taking care of myself has been a pretty good idea after all.  You show me that it starts (goes across a few oceans and continents) and ends with “Me.”   Thank you, all of you for that.  There are soooo many things you’ve said, (you know who you are) that have totally rocked me.   Keep talking.

Question:  What shows you that it starts and ends with you?  Please tell me your story.

25 thoughts on “Keep Talking

  1. very interesting. i believe you raise your daughters, i have 4 and you do your best with love and communication and you put them out in the world. one day your adult child has a a feel this is it. her family has started i did my job, now it is over. NOPE
    today she says to me, “mom when do you think bowie can have this fruit and how much and when?” she wanted an answer. she wanted me there. she wanted an answer, she wanted her mommy. mommy will remain for a little bit longer. i choose to be a hands on mommy and bowie grandma. nothing better in life. i am where i want to be…and i feel blessed.

  2. Everything starts and ends with me I suppose. I don’t say that with egocentricity, however. Circumstances in my life don’t exist without me as a participant whether it be active or passive. I may not have control over the outcome, but I can influence it. And often my efforts or non efforts do determine outcomes. This is not an attempt to usurp the role of the Creator/Director. We should assert ourselves to put in that “two cents”. I try to bring things to closure or acceptance or to cope and endure without mental and physical collapse. Subordinating our will to the Creator/Director does not mean we are valueless or inconsequential. If we accept the (Judaic-Christian) idea of concept of Covenant, matters evolve with partnership with terrestrial and celestial forces. Quite often when I have had the courage to lead the charge I have won. “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me…”

  3. Community has becomeone of the most fascinating and unexpected rewards of blogging. I love it that we all can share ideas, support, and inspire one another.

  4. Thank you for all the thought-provoking posts. I’m amazed and inspired by the fact that you take the time nearly each day to write. “Keep on” to you, too!

  5. the comments on this site are really good everyone keep commenting it starts to bring feelings to the table it also for me brings myslef it makes me feel that im not alone and probably a lot of other people it sometimes brings out new veiws on a subject that would otherwsie not of been thought off and also sometimes a diffrent view of things going on keep it up sanja your the best !!

  6. Before I could change any behavior, I had to acknowledge that it was a part of me, decide I wanted to change it, and plan to change it.


    (1) I realized I cannot change myself. Only God can change me, and He is willing, if I am.

    (2) Real and permanent change happens slowly over time and is worth the associated agonies.

    (3) Conquer one behavior and God will show you another one to work on. Ha! At least this is how it has happened with me.

    Blessings to you…

  7. You can tell a lot about about a person by the company they keep. Your willingness to share your insight while inspiring your followers to do the same is a true gift. The royalties we will all receive when you become famous is also a grand gift.

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