If You Have Something Good That’s Happened, Say It

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Self-Care Tip #164 – If you have something good that’s happened to you because of your self-care, tell others about it.  Be a friend to yourself.

Have you ever heard of SparkPeople.com?  I’ve been a member for a few years and believe they are one of the most supportive networks out there for diet and lifestyle change.  Today I received this email from one of their bloggers and thought to share it with you.


Today is my one year anniversary on SparkPeople.  I have to admit this is the longest amount of time that I have ever spent focusing on me and my health.  A few things I have learned in the past year are:

1. I can lose weight be happy.

2. I can educate myself on a healthy lifestyle.

3. I have learned that when I slip up, refocus, refocus, refocus.

4. I have learned that I like being a runner.

5. I have increased confidence.

6. I like how my clothes fit.

7. I don’t need chips and dips to feel satisfied.

8. Captain Morgan is not my friend.

9. I can inspire people.

10. Having a support system makes the difference.

One year ago I wrote on my SparkPage, I can do this, and I have.

This is only one example, as described by GUITARGAL2, of what self-care has done for her, specifically through diet and lifestyle change.  All of our lists are different and powerfully inspirational to others when we share them.  It also comes back to each of us, as good things will do.  How does it comes back?  Well, I can’t try to explain that kind of magic.

Keep talking.

Question:  What list do you have for the things self-care has given to you?  Please tell us.

18 thoughts on “If You Have Something Good That’s Happened, Say It

  1. I have struggled with depression for quite some time and some days it’s a struggle just to get out of bed. But I do it anyway! I get out of bed and make myself do something! Even if it’s to take a shower for five minutes. It’s hard to do but as you do it, it get’s easier. For me the gym is a big motivator I feel so much better once I’m done working out. The hard part for me is getting there but once I’m there and I’ve accomplished even 10 minutes on the treadmill I feel so good. So I encourage you to do something that makes you feel better even if 10 minutes is all you can do!!! 🙂

    • Hey there ms. manrique! u found us! what a delight to see your name and words! thank u so very much for reading and commenting. your story is just what someone our here needed. your encouragement, sincere. keep on amanda.

  2. I remember that I have a granddaughter 8, one 7 and a grandson almist 3. My son’s girlfriend is 2 months along. These kids are going to need a retired teacher in their lives. My 87 year old parents live with me and there is no one left. They all need me and I am the pillars of survival for this group of people. There is weight and responsibility and other issues but I am depended upon and will manufacture and design ways to meet these obligations. I imagine a great deal of unexpected joy may come. Good things do not come to us if we are unavailable through our own obfuscations.

    • Carl, i’ve thought of you all afternoon after reading this. It was so gripping to me. your life and the spokes that shoot out of it and into it. thank u for sharing. I think many of us don’t recognize that we are in similar positions of meaning and impact on others.

  3. I think I said enough about this in responding to yesterday’s question. I’ll add to that only by saying that leaving for California on Saturday and looking forward to nothing to worry about but what I’m going to draw or whether we want to go exploring (and where) is my “something good to say” for today. And the best thing about that is that I’m leaving my kids and my granddaughter for two plus months and, although I’ll miss them, I’m believing they’ll be fine without us. That, for me, is a HUGE step in my self-care journey!

  4. I like your reminder that we need to share our journeys, and let others see the bright spots that they may be encouraged and our own joy may be increased.
    I often pray that my conversation will become centered on lifting others up even as I share what has lifted me up and what that looked like.
    I used to struggle with seeing the positive, but after a period where almost all of the positive I was holding onto was stripped from me, I learned how crippling it is to live according to negative beliefs and expectations of life and God and myself. Yes, there is so much I do that I would rather take back than repeat, and life has an abundance of disappoints, but I don’t have to live solely based upon what this life has to offer me. I can live in the light and power and glory of the next: Christ who is my now.

  5. i have a bit more controll i listen to the tips on here and i do actualy take them in i have learnt that you can look after yourself its hard and i do knackups and end up in crisis but a lot of the tips i read on here are really helpfull especialy for someone who really could not cope atall before i didnt say i was perfect yet but all the tips really help

  6. I can offer very little in the face of greater struggles some of your readers have faced, but for me learning to NOT let my family define who I am has been a great step. I have taken back the ME in my life and it feels great.

  7. Thanks for this beautiful testimony! I suppose the first step in taking care of ourselves is determining what we need. I think maybe I’ve been doing it and didn’t know it!

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