11 thoughts on “What Was Missing Was You

  1. What was missing before I started to be a friend to myself? This blog is what was missing. Sana was what was missing….and Sarah and Carl and Kevin and Rick and so many others. And trust was missing…trust in others but mostly trust in myself. The freedom (I guess that was missing, too, now that I write it) to express my thoughts and know that others understand and don’t judge me has caused me to feel a peace about where I am on my journey to mental health that I’ve been searching for for years. This answer may sound…what? I don’t know. I just know that I’ve never been more sincere…and I don’t remember when I’ve felt more self-confident. Now, if I met some of you in person, I might back into my shell, but I’d like to believe I’m chipping away at that shell until it, too, will be missing!! I hope others feel the same.


    • Again, I relate to you Nancy… “I might go back into my shell” too… I feel most sincere when I am writing and when I am reading the writing of others, like a different deeper part of me is able to communicate…a part that is often afraid to surface in the “real” world. I try to bring her up to the surface more and more everyday… Sana has given us a forum to be ourselves and not be judged. What a gift!


  2. i have belive it or not been able to help other people with the same thing as me now if we went back six mounth befire anyone here new me we would be talking an alltogether diffrent senario i have really helped someone tonight by just being there for them telling them truths about bpd sonce there are a lot of miths about it and the most amzing thing i probably saved a life just for the time being so enuff of the story commenting and just reading other peoples comments on this site and others helps to with this site i connected to it and when people are stuck i send them here becuase this has became part of my world its small i know but part of my world in me been able to connect with this site it makes me able to cinnect to the world a little bit better if that makes sense i allways get the feeling on this site its weird but everything is good and you can actualy helpyourself with a little bit of a nudge and i know tonight for example i would not of been able to do that say six mounth ago it makes me feel good inside to


  3. I think I am learning to better connect with by self by becoming more atuned to others. By being a bit more indulgent on a healthy level and sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. By taking time to be a little more engaging instead of withdrawn. My 87 year old parents live with me and there is healthy space but I isolate somewhat not to listen to dad’s yaking and rambling about some dumb stuff from the radio. I now try to take a moment to listen and comment. It gives him a sense of worth and presence. So connecting with others produces the by-product of connecting with self.


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