17 thoughts on “Send some luck for tonight! – “Come Join Us For Self-Care Workshops”

  1. Not only “good luck” but THE BEST OF LUCK dear Sana, If I’d be still in the area – nothing would stop me from attending. Congratulations on doing it!

  2. Good luck tonight, Sana. I sure wish I were on that side of the country. I’d be there in a heartbeat. Hope you’ll let us know how it went.

  3. Dear Sana:

    Have you considered making these workshops or seminars into Webinars? That would open them up to lots of people outside your geographic area, and would certainly be of interest to me as well as others, I am sure.

  4. Thank u sooooo much everyone for being “there” with me tonight!!! Your presence made a very big difference in my experience. As before and often, I am reminded that none of us need to walk alone, even “Me.” Things r better w u. Keep on!

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