Love Differently, Love Your Flaws – Be a Tall Poppy

Tall Poppy

Image by Steve Corey via Flickr

To my family and friends, I thought differently.

But since I’ve loved my flaws less harshly, like pointing jeweled fingers;

since I’ve fallen and let myself savor who I was just then, rasping throat from less than gentle sounds, beautifully broken down, a phoenix who was afraid and not afraid to die;

since I’ve been in the same room with myself, my smells, my dying cells, my mistakes and since I’ve loved these things – since then I have loved you.

I thought I was before but this is differently better.

I am loving you when you turn away and miss your opportunity to praise.  I feel myself soften and think how you are mine.

I am loving you when you miss your self-care and come late and forget.

I thought differently before.

I thought I loved you more the other times, but this is.

It is better to see that you will never be who I expected and that you just missed the turn and won’t.

It is better since I have thought more of me.

And although this sounds off; a discordant honk in the culture score around us,

Although this is awkward showing my ankles exposed while I walk amongst tall-poppies, I even love that

and it is not to say I gloat,

just that I won’t run to hide behind my accomplishments

and won’t hide you behind yours.  I love you more because there is more.  This is differently better and I love you.

Self-Care Tip #278 – Be a tall poppy.

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24 thoughts on “Love Differently, Love Your Flaws – Be a Tall Poppy

  1. This is absolutely beautiful, Sana – so poetic and so strong. I love it as the poem it is as much as I love it for the message it gives. This one goes in my Bible to be read each night as a reminder, not only of who I am but who my family is, and what we can become through love and understanding. Thank you for making my day. Thank you for you and what you do.


  2. I relly don’t care to be a tall poppy. I like being a daisy.

    I don’t know how to do a link here but if you go to


    and look at April 18,2010 you will better understand what I am saying.


  3. This is beautiful and takes up a home in the heart. Still working on collecting my thoughts about the workshop, too. I am deep into some Transcendentalist philosophy again right now, and it is amazing how many connections there are to all that we have been discussing. A blog post is kicking up dust in my mind about the workshop—when the words sort themselves out, I want to do a synthesis post like I did last week to give you some feedback. The take-away value from your workshops was HIGH…


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