I Must Remember – Me, You and Self-Care

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My dear friends, “second family” as Carl D’Agostino describes us, tomorrow is our one year anniversary. The misty memories leak a little, slurring my senses from any more I could handle just yet. I am almost forced to account. I am wetted.

By your simplicity or complexity, by your comments completing all those blog-posts with what we all needed still to hear and say, because you gave me your time better than I had known – in these ways you took me to spaces, cultures, homes, pleasures and suffering I could not have discovered in any travel, insight or study. You are the gift I never knew to ask for, the gift that was not a negotiation, that was free and multiplied because of its inherent goodness – you.

Every time I saw that you read, I read that you thought, with me, and knew you gave also.  Every time it has been as if Fed-Ex dropped a package at my little door. My fingers tingled when I joined you in our space as we typed and pondered and explored to unwrap,

“What makes Me a better friend to myself?”

Of all the late nights and frenzied minutes here and there, when I maneuvered moments into my days to spend with you, I never regretted the work. I never wanted less. I discovered, as if a virgin shore came in site and after years of feeling like a slow-moving barge – after that, I could race ahead. I wanted a going, a learning and a people to know and be known by. I discovered where to exhaust and pour my precious self with purpose rather than chance.

I found in this year together that every day there was a place to grow myself, to connect me with Me and with others, to account for what I determined loss and for what I considered gain and together, I found my best friend. Me. How could there be a better gift? You didn’t even know, which showed that the gifts we give are not always deliberate. Some of them come from us by accident and some by design. Maybe what you gave was just because but, I don’t care. I care about the rest. I care about my improved self-esteem, my refined purpose, my voice I learned better to throw and shape according to the needs I felt in Me and others.

And now as my eyes clear a little, since I’ve been given my chance to tell, this year stands alone in my history and unlike so many others, I am now able to say with any voice I find – I am special and worthy to be served.  And in so doing, I am loving both of us better. I can say without a blush that this is different from what they call “self-serving” and when I see you doing it too, I will try to bank better in my own account rather than steel.

The circle that started with Me and connected then through numbers of points where you are and who you touch and tell and have exemplified what being your own friend means, circles back and find Me again. I am humbly grateful to you and most to my God who brought us together. It is enough of a miracle that if I hadn’t before, I would now believe that I don’t understand. I submit myself to He who is greater than Me yet calls me His Beloved.

Thank you for this year of magic.

Your Own,

Dr. Q

18 thoughts on “I Must Remember – Me, You and Self-Care

  1. Thank YOU. Sana!! You and your blog have been a welcome addition to my life, and the people who are now, as Carl says, “a second family” are a joy and an honor to know. My prayer is that you, and we, will continue our journey together in self-care for years to come.

    Thank you for all of the effort you put into this. Thank you for your commitment to us. Happy Anniversay, Friendtoyourself.com!!!!



    • suzi, sometimes i feel that i’ve said something worth tapping out but there r other days when i wish i could “see” more too, much like u do in nature. i’m glad to share myself w someone like u suzi. keep on.

  2. You have done a wonderful job of sharing your own thoughts and ideas while at the same time seeking feedback and other thoughts from your readers. I have really appreciated reading your blog. I am sorry that I have taken so little time to comment, but rest assured, I am reading each one!

    You are very welcome to the readership, and we thank you for the thought-provoking blog you have offered for us to read and learn a bit more about ourselves.

    Hope you can continue to offer your insight and wisdom. Happy Blogoversary, Sana! I wish you, as always, enough. . .

    • thank u dear paula for telling me this. what a picker upper to know that u r reading every day. i luv the eyes u see “us” w and knowing u r looking on is a boon. please never stop talking whenever u have something to say. “we” value your voice. u r the neighbor i want to hear from.

  3. Sana, thank you for showing us how to be a friend to ourselves. Thank you for helping and your commitment to us. I hope you keep on with this blog. Its nice to know I’m not alone.

  4. Dr. Q what moving words. I have not been a part of your entire journey, but graced to see our paths cross at the desired time. You have inspired me to see that I can be good to myself, and be responsible for Me, while at the same time, bringing value to others. I am excited to see my results!

    • “I can be good to myself, and be responsible for Me, while at the same time, bringing value to others.” this would b painted on my office wall if i could get away w it. i am happy about what u’ve done and really interested to share the ongoing walk u walk. thank u also my friend. keep on.

  5. I have so loved reading your blog! I may not comment so much but I do READ 🙂 You bring such interesting, thought provoking posts each day to us and we are all touched by it in our own way. I am really happy to have made this connection with you…

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