Love Comes Out of Bad Because in Any Circumstance, Good or Bad, Love Comes

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Ten years ago, what were you doing in life.  Did you think you would be “here?”  Were you thinking past September 11?

My daughter asked me the other day what I meant when I said that good can come out of bad.  You know me.  I cocked my guns and started happily blazing.  Good coming out of bad has nothing to do with the badness of events.  It has everything to do with the goodness.  It has everything to do with what is stronger.  The love.  Love is stronger than anything.

Victor Hugo described La Esmerelda‘s beauty with this kind of quality around her peers.

As, however, they all possessed nearly the same degree of beauty, 

they fought with equal weapons, and each might cherish a hope of 

victory. The coming of the Bohemian suddenly destroyed this

equilibrium. Her beauty was so surpassing, that at the moment 

when she appeared at the entrance of the room, she seemed to shed 

over it a sort of light peculiar to herself. In this close 

apartment, over-shadowed by hangings and carvings, she appeared 

incomparably more beautiful and radiant than in the public place 

like a torch which is carried out of the broad day-light into 

the dark. In spite of themselves, the young ladies were dazzled. 

Each felt wounded, as it were, in her beauty.

Love, or call it goodness, has a victory to offer us.  In the presence of bad or not bad, Love is.  And because it is, the turning of bad into good happens.  In consequence to its goodness and nothing else. a torch which is carried out of the broad 
day-light into the dark.

September 11, ten years ago, the streets of Boston were filled with parked cars.  The taxis were not going anywhere.  Their drivers were dazed, their radios blasting the news of smoke and buried bodies.  I was weeping with them and sat on the curb, cold with the early night, listening to their radios.  I don’t know why I didn’t go home to watch the news.  I wanted to be with these people I think.  The people.  We needed each other.  What could love bring out of this ten years later?  What would light do in this darkness?

I don’t know what your story is but I believe that Love is.  And because of what it is, in our darkness, good can come.  It has everything to do with what Love is and is all the more lovely because of the bad company.

Here is one mother’s story.  Please tell us yours.  Keep on.

Self-Care Tip – When bad is there, remember that Love is.

20 thoughts on “Love Comes Out of Bad Because in Any Circumstance, Good or Bad, Love Comes

    • the beauty of our efforts in this post is that good coming out of the bad isn’t dependent on the existence of bad. Love comes and will. Just that. Love comes. Put something bad in the dirt garden, Love comes. Put something good, Love comes. The content of the results is affected by the ingredients yes, and that’s confusing as to the need of the ingredients. Love is present because of who Love is, not because of the appropriateness, the quality or the history of the ingredients. Love is present because Love is.
      u know this carl but i see your comment as u handing over the mike for what u wanted said. This bit of verse is turning around in me like a prism i enjoy shifting to look at the differences inside of it’s sameness. keep on.


  1. Funny you should write about this. I also wrote about it yesterday in regards to 911. I couldn’t agree with you more. I do believe that love has the power to heal us from our pain and our suffering. Having lived a life full of trials, I never quite believed that anyone could care for me as myself. I am happy to say that I was wrong, and that has made all the difference.


  2. Love does rise beneath the bad…sometimes you actually have to look for it. If you’re so focused on the bad you miss the golden little nuggets of love.


  3. I had just brought my mother home from a rehab center, where she had been recovering from knee-replacement surgery, on Monday evening, Sept. 10, 2001. I didn’t really want to be there. I’m not sure she wanted me there. But she needed help and no one else was available. We were watching the Today Show when the first plane hit. Because we were on Cape Cod, I couldn’t fly anywhere for over a week so we went through it all together. As horrific as that week was for all of us, for the first time in my life, my mother and I connected. She told me she loved me for the first time. She was 90. I was 60. And I could feel comfortable (and loved) several months later as I tended to her as she died. I watched the remembrance ceremonies last Sunday and I cried for what happened to America ten years ago, but I cried also in gratitude for the expressions of love that it brought forth from a mother who, until that week, really didn’t know what love was. I will never forget the pain that day but I will always remember my mother with love because of that week and I’m not sure that that would have ever been possible had it not been for the tragedy of 911.


  4. STORMS OF DIVERSITY…The darkened skies cast forth the storm’s unruly turbulent winds; filled with mighty torrent gales of ice. The powerful invasion is of uncertainty. Where the toil of dissolution will entail its given path. The percentage to where it forcibly delivers its wrath; is not in measurement; to a given wisdom. Life awaits its decided journey. As the storm dictates and thrusts its violence upon submissive elements…But, there is hope. A hope as a New Day’s Beginning… awakening to a birth of created strength of faith and ability. Gained assurance of the multitudes of supportive caring hearts; revenues of materials and endurance to conquer diversity. The adverse storms of diversity also.. come in varied intensities and methods; being under many varied cloaks of ideas; positions; reasoning). But, the trueness that is given in our purpose and order…Is of Love…. To care for our fellow beings; to care for our given earth & all its living resources…To acknowledge and commit our life to Our Creator and all that is given…The Storms Of Diversity will Not Prevail; If Our Stance Is On The Solid Foundation Of Life; which We Have Been Gifted To Uphold & Cherish….


  5. Love is the only Truth that will endure all other trials. Love is the only thing that will outlast our death of our bodies in this life.
    I believe good comes out of bad. It is like a window that opens when the door closes so to speak. One can always find blessings out of diversity.
    That video is a beautiful legacy. Thank you for the link.


  6. Most of my day, today, has been about stopping in my tracks and taking in what other people are saying, getting away from my own self. And what Nancy just said, in her comment, really got to me.


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