Get You Some Support Where You Are Weak

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If you’ve ever lived where there is dirt, not New York City or downtown Los Angeles, some place with unpaved hills and bugs, then you’ve seen how fruit grows.  Maybe not exotic fruit.  Maybe nothing from the Amazon, but you’ve seen an apple or an orange most likely, dangling from a stem, light caught in a dew dusted curve around its belly.  Maybe a pear.

You’ve seen a tree, perhaps, on a “good year.”  It was heavy, bushy in all it’s productivity and weighted down with what it was designed to do in life.  If you have lived in a place where your home didn’t require an elevator to get to, you know that fruit can be beautiful just in its waiting-ness to fall.  So beautiful, it feels personal.  The season turned as did your admiration into impatience for picking time.

If you have woken up early to the opening day where air and hour and the absence of sound work on you like a special promise, you have known what it is like to put on your creased and cracked boots, to call your happy dogs and start out into your long work.

You know that every tree has potential and every tree has limits.  You remember when you first came upon the brokenness, the fractured limbs, the long fresh splinters cutting through the morning just so.  Too soon.  “Too soon,” you think and repeat out loud to your tree, trying to explain.  Too soon, fruit still holding the branch like they are drowning.  The last clutch in death.  Oh, shame.

If you have lived where branches so full of fruit break under the weight of their life’s work, you have lived to learn that to be productive, to sustain that kind of strain, to endure, a tree and her branches need support.  You have known forever after to put two-by-fours fashioned into braces under those loads and hope the big winds don’t loose their grip.  You can’t forget the loss.  Sometimes you have even thinned the clustered fruit, maybe peaches, reluctantly pulling out one of three, two of three.  You’ve done what it takes.  Dropping them and knowing that the others will grow. Your fingers, bitten with cold and regret, move between the leaves giving yourself and the tree hope.  You give yourself and you give the tree what is needed to produce well and to live.

In those deciding moments, if you have worked with these trees, you have learned that we also break and lose what our life would put out for the world.  If we could.  If we had support.  If we were buttressed.  No one can put out for long without it.  Not Me.

And so now, we look to see where our hopes have increased.  We identify where to tend, where we habitually, that is to say, or where we have on many other occasions been known to come apart.  Oh, the loss.  The memory with the knowing fear dances like a hologram until we simply or not so simply, this time, acquire help.

Questions:  How are you working to build up support where you are weak?  How do you find support?  What have you seen come out of your life when you have?  Please tell us your story.

Self-Care Tip:  Get you some support where you are weak.  Be a friend to yourself.

16 thoughts on “Get You Some Support Where You Are Weak

  1. I drove past my psychologist’s office yesterday. I had been Christmas shopping – finally! I’m still not strong so shopping had been an effort ending in pain and exhaustion…and the annual question since I had my breakdown “Why is this shopping, decorating, baking, hostessing, etc. necessary? Why does it have to be so hard, so painful, so exhausting when what we are celebrating is the simplicity of how Christ arrived to save us?” My psychologist is Jewish and yet, year after year, she not only helped me answer that question but helped me get through it by reminding me that I could only do what I was, right then, capable of doing and no one would love me less for doing less….that what we celebrate IS simplicity and the rest is…well, what is it? Is it the the Magis’ gifts or the shepherd’s visit? And every year, as we talked, all I wanted was for it to be over. This year I feel the same only it’s because of physical, more than mental, illness. Even so, this year, as I passed the office I have not visited in almost two years, the support I got was the memory of our conversations in her office during this season – the cup of coffee I held, the silence and simplicity of her office surroundings, the quiteness of her voice, the strength of her convictions. If we can be supported just by what we have learned through our illness, of what we remember about our healing process, of what we need to continue our friendtoyourself journey, then celebrating where we are in our quest for wellness is where we begin celebrating the reason for this season…or this right now time, whatever we believe and in whomever we put our faith.

    Great writing, Sana. Welcome back. You’ve been missed.

  2. One of the first ways in building up support for yourself as a caregiver is to recognize that you have to give up control. As caregivers, we are always going to be worried about the ‘big picture’ and that is where are attention needs to be focused. Yet in order to be fully present to the ones we care for, we have to be able to take time for ourselves and build support around us so that there can be health respite time because respite time is often a two way street.

    Successful caregivers are ones you recognize that having a ‘messiah complex’ does not benefit either party in this meaningful relationship. It is when we reach out to others for support, conversation and sincere friendship that helps transcends the care-giving experience. Help and support is just around the corner when you recognize that giving up control is essential a healthy care-giving experience.

  3. submit my ego. that is the best way for me to ask and receive help. and to be my own advocate. to allow myself to be in a place of humbleness. i have asked for help and received no help i have asked for help where i thought i should and there was nothing that was appropriate. so that slowed me down a bit to trust that i would find the right help. so i asked God in Faith and did receive. i am blessed because of faith of listening to my intuition the quiet God voice inside.

    ask, seek, do. its can be hard, because doing it alone seems easier at the time, less fraught with dangers. at least you have yourself, and having hope in another can also be dangerous.

    i am learning and i have been blessed with all the right people in my life this year! i am so grateful. this blog is one of the things i have been so blessed with and all the responses. i have learned so much.

    thank you

  4. Dearest Sana, In this special time that many celebrate this holiday season. I am requesting that you will place this on your site for a heartfelt reflection. Thank You!! Happy Holidays & A Prosperious New Year!!! UNTO YOU…A SAVIOUR IS BORN
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  5. We cannot do anymore than we allow ourselves to complete. If I did not have the time off from work that I took before Christmas then I would not have been prepared for any celebration. I chose to participate in a cookie exchange and that took time and preparation. I chose to give home baked gifts to my co-workers. I chose to address all the Christmas cards. I chose to make the meal for Christmas dinner. Everything is a choice.

    We did not hear from many people this Christmas season. They were probably busy and overwhelmed. I’m sure writing out a Christmas card was not high on their list of priorities. Sometimes once Christmas is over we can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the season.

    I have several projects I need to complete that will take time away from my free time in January, but I chose to take that extra effort for another person. It definitely is a balance that we as caregivers must recognize daily, and it is a choice.

    Happy New Year and thank you for your wisdom. I love the fruit tree example of needing support. I will remember that when I feel overburdened.

  6. Good metaphor, and that is so true. We can only do so much. Many people overwork themselves and hurt their health and/or relationships, and we all need to slow down. Even if we are using our time to help others, there is only so much we can do. Sometimes I do too much, so I must cut back so I can rest. Then, I can do a better job on things when I’m doing a reasonable amount.

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