Salty Me. Taste it When tempted to Judge Others.

English: boiling water עברית: מים רותים

English: boiling water עברית: מים רותים (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do kind and friendly things for yourself before you do them for others.

Awkward!, No? But 🙂 not what we will talk about today.

Speaking with a dear friend of mine yesterday, this is what I remember caught his attention. I was rewarded by his expressions. He has always been something of the limited-response genre. The kind eye-contact, head tilt, warmth and curiosity his face described morphed into an energy deposit in my happy-place bank*.

I wondered if many of us assume he’s hard to impress, but I think that is presumptive until we can mind-read. Maybe a kything-skilled One is in our future our past, but till now, I’ve not met her. Even with that fantastical telepathy talent though as described by my fave, Madeleine L’Engle, we must ask, would that give license to judge*?

This is important to answer for us. It is with the Interrogative of Self-Care*, the The “Five W’s” (and one H)*, before we get derailed with the anecdotal, in-the-field, he-said-she-said and personal opinions. It is what hard element we find when we boil the water off. Salty Me. Taste it doing the unfriendly judging of others…. Unfriendly to Me.

Questions: How is keeping things about Me being a friend to yourself? When personalizing what others do, do you find friendship in looking into your salty self? Please tell me your story.

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16 thoughts on “Salty Me. Taste it When tempted to Judge Others.

    • i’m so sorry to hear this carl. i don’t know how to problem solve it! it’s happened w other valued commenters. would u try deleting your account and resigning up? let me know if this resolves the problem and if not, i’ll try something else!


  1. I’ve read this several times over the last two days trying to understand where you are going with it – or where we are to go with it? Does boiling everything off of what I know about Me make a difference in how I care for Me? Or does it make a difference in how I care for others? Or am I looking for the salt that makes a difference in my search for Me or others? Or do I want to boil it down to just what’s about Me in the now and throw away the soup that got me to where I am now…or who I am now?

    Obviously, this one has brought up more questions than it answered. I have been hoping someone else would dive into the pot and help me understand but………..


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