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Hello Friends.

Please tell me how I’m doing on this.  Just out,

Model Policy Guidelines for the Appropriate Use of Social Media and Social Networking in Medical Practice

This is important to me as I treasure both my medical practice and our community, connection, exchanges on-line.   I don’t want to do anything that jeopardizes either, nor the implication that if I did, that means I would have mistreated a patient.

Thank you for this, what I call, a “good problem” to have – the joy of medical practice and participation in social media/networking.

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  1. Hey Sana

    Did a quick glance through 17 pages (Speeding reading by any other word) and found that you are within all appropriate guidelines. I knew that before I even read the paper.

    Sana, you provide provocative questions, opportunity for all to speak and be honest and real because its safe. You facilitate a safe, secure, honest, honoring place for all people to share, heal and be a supportive community for one another.

    I appreciate being able to read other people’s replies and your supportive comments back.

    You have created a forum for people to be honest and speak their truth. That is vital. And you honor their words and encourage. We have been heard and honored. That is rare.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Swelling w gratitude. Thk u so much for taking the t to read that n comment. “this” is a blessing n i want to b receptive to what it means if ever any time it feels lk less. I really wondered “who” to ask n the obvious finally surfaced. Keep on dear col

  2. Remaining relevant in a changing world is a challenge . What is appropriate from one era or for a particular population may not be appropriate for others. One size does not fit all and the attitude that it does is lowering the quality in the trend for assembly line medicine. I saw resistance to this as a classroom teacher as my peers stayed “stuck” in their ways. I suppose the contempt for the new this or that is justified to some degree because every few years a new paradigm is introduced . People get grants to reinvent the wheel all the time and then market the program so everyone can feel innovative. In spite of that I was open minded and incorporated what I felt was sensible with positive results. The most valuable thing I got out of these offerings is that I was not merely a history teacher. With kids entering the 11th grade 2-5 years below reading level I understood that now I must be a reading and writing teacher as well and that such was more important than history lessons which became a mere by-product of reading and writing. I also learned and incorporated the idea of alternative assessment. Testing is not the sole measure of learning. I allowed many students to express their learning of history in artwork and other visual media. They may fail written tests but demonstrated learning is astonishing ways using ability in alternative structures. As far as ethics goes, Miami has to be the medicare/medicaid fraud capital of the world. That doctors would stoop to and are capable of such corruption is discouraging.

  3. I just read through the 17 pages (and was absolutely amazed at how many social network things there are!!) and, as far as I am concerned, and have experienced through this blog journey with you, you are spot on perfect at how you handle everything connected with I may have mentioned, once or twice, how much it has meant to me over the last two years 🙂 and I guess it’s obvious that I enjoy stay prettying involved in every blog you write. Throughout it all, I have never seen, read, felt anything about it that appeared to be anything but professional. For me, it has almost literally been a life-saver just in its anonymity. I so needed a place to express my fears and feelings and dreams with the knowledge that no one knew me and no one was judging me and no one was “using” me, and Friendtoyourself has been just that place.

    Like Col, I appreciate everything your are doing with this site, the responses, not only from you but from others involved here, and the knowledge that we truly have been “heard and honored”. It IS a rare thing and I encourage you to keep on keeping on as long as you can…for all of us and you, too!

    Thank you, Sana. You’re doing great!!!

  4. Sana, I love visits here precisely because you walk the tightrope of social media so very well, protecting confidentiality, providing positive reinforcement in the right measure. I haven’t read the report in detail yet, but I will. I face similar questions in education circles. It’s just a matter of working with other professionals to have a standard code.

  5. I’m glad you asked that question because everywhere people are becoming scared to comment and update on their social media for fear the “wrong” person will see it. Bosses, supervisors and colleges alike. Yes admission boards of colleges and universities are looking at face book to see if the student is admission worthy and future employers are seeing if an applicant is higherable. There are huge infringements of privacy. I haven’t looked at the report you speak about yet but I think asking the very people who matter most is valuable in itself. As you see, they answer from the heart as they have from day one. And what I hear is that you provide a valuable service. Very valuable indeed. Thank you, Sana. 🙂

  6. OK, I just skimmed the guidelines. You are not in violation of any ethical practices or situations. You always seem professional and objective in your comments and provide a private forum for people of all walks of life to share themselves as much or as little as they want or care to do. 🙂

  7. I so desparately need emotional support right now and, I don’t know whether others are feeling the same, but the “massacre in Colorado” has just made depression much worse. I need to “talk” and don’t know how to do it on when there is such a long time between posts. Is there any way that we who have attached our emotional lives to this blog can help to make it happen more frequently? I don’t “do” any blogs but this one, so maybe I’m the only one suffering here, and, if that’s so, just ignore this comment. I’ll make it through this. I HAVE to!!!! It’s just so hard to do alone.

    p.s. I know. Don’t watch the news. Trying not to but one can hardly boot up the computer and not have this kind of news tear one’s heart out.

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