Increase awareness of how we are loved

Hearing someone pray to love Sam better put her in that space between forever and never. Enormous awareness that, “Hey! I am loved!”sailed in.

Since then, She prayed more that She is able to see, how.

How? Where? And, “I want to love the Love toward me.” Samantha Gearge, after years of griping loneliness told me in so many words, that she wanted to weave her fantasies into that fine soil. Not pink clouds.

Being able to notice being Loved is infrequently intuitive. Liking how we are loved is also as often, ironically, not.

But, we are. All of us, Loved.

It seems friendly to increase our link to it. It’s a distortion and mispercetion to believe otherwise. A reality perhaps, but not Truth.

Getting to that Truth, shifting our reality, we get with hard work. Recognizing Love also might not come without. Recognizing Love is easier with brain health too.

Hard work and courage come in many ships.  We’ve talked about basics like, sleep, exercise, clean air and clean food.  We’ve talked about further efforts, when we have emotions and behaviors come without asking them to, to seek medical care. Taking medications takes courage over and over again, but it is easier to think clearly with brain health and is worth the press. It is friendly to pursue brain health.

Recognizing how we are Loved is like any other act of friendship in this way. Get deliberate about it. Get friendly.

You are Loved.

Questions: Have you noticed that you are Loved? :).
Do you like how you are loved? How do you get connected to this vitality? It is friendly to do. Keep on! Please tell us your story.

Self-Care Tip: Grow recognition and amity of the Love toward you.



8 thoughts on “Increase awareness of how we are loved

  1. I am having an interesting response to this posting. Anger, as in the “I want to rip someone’s face off anger”. Huh. That’s interesting. Sana you have a way of wiggling into the cracks and crevices and picking away until the whole stone wall just starts to crumble. Darn you any way.

    I think the anger is that some one would love me?! When, where, show me. Light it up in big letters. Because if you did I wouldn’t “see it” or believe it anyways. I wouldn’t believe you loved me because I don’t know what it is to be loved deeply, really deeply in a way that I can understand. Now, that might hurt my husband and some friends (although its easier to know my friends deeply love me because they express it in a way I can understand!) and when our children are little its so easy to see their love. But it becomes complicated when they get older. In fact young children love it in the best way. They don’t see anything but God. They see Love. That’s it, that’s all. I think there is a lesson here. To love childlike. Hmmmm . . . I may have read that somewhere?! Its probably the most important book. Anyways, there is a deep part of me that is rebuffing my partners love because its not being delivered in a way that I can understand. And if you loved me, really loved me you would speak it in a way that I can understand. Not snapping and growling and passing judgment and then saying “oh I love you” and want everything “your way”. That is not love in my opinion and I take people so literally that this is going to be good to think about and observe.

    I want to love the love toward me. That is pretty darn fine. When I look at the love towards me, I wonder is that all I get because I am so unlovable, or unworthy, I get the crumbs at the end of the day. But if crumbs are all a person has because that is all they can give than crumbs it is I guess. I guess me tapping into God Love the ultimate unending Love is what I can do and to see God’s Love in my life. To really see it, not my perception of it but what God or the people around me are really saying, speaking or doing.



  2. this post brought up so many emotions. do i like the way i am loved? no, i wish it was unconditional. I wish the love given to me was pure. I wish the love show to me was nonjudgemental. am I loved? If i was me, truly me, raw, emotional, f**ked up me, would and could someone love me?

    • The Love for u is there. F-d up or f-d up – we r all messed up but yet there is Love. I am like u n probably most, not the best at training my eye on the way Love is specific to Me yet not dependent on my emotions and behaviors. Keep on kitty cat. U rock

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