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  1. i feel very alone and my world is about to crash again job interview went realy well i was very porud of my self when i get like this this is when you have to be a friend to yourself i make a palace but the palace is built on the sand so it collapses now how do i stop that from happening its weird when you feel alone i can sometimes have 1000s of people around me and feel alone its scary

    • wst off, congratulations!!!! nicely done kevin.
      secondly, i luv the way i hear u trying to modulate yourself. trying to get yourself into the gray and away from the edges to help yourself align w your friendly self-perspectives. keep on.

  2. Good to know that we aren’t alone. Good to have this blog to feel less alone. NOT good when we feel alone…with 1,000s of people around us, as Kevin said…or even just four or five around us. Feeling alone is terrifying, especially when you are emotionally ill. Strange. I hate airports. I don’t think I feel more alone than in an airport when my husband goes off to get something. Probably started when I was really, really sick but it’s still the one place where I can almost guarantee I’ll have a panic attack to some degree even now…feeling alone in a crowd.

  3. As Susicate suggested we can feel alone or feel solitary and enjoy your own company. When we do self care we learn to feel more comfortable with ourselves. I hope that Mel finds this out.

  4. I can not even relate to Self Care, how can I when all I feel is isolation. I feel nothing, can anyone relate, I haven’t found anyone who really understands how it feels. I have no hope no one to talk to. I pretend I feel ok when around even my son and his wife. There is no joy in even seeing my grandkids anymore. I have to force myself even to eat, there is no joy in anything. I am just exsiting. My life has no meaning.

    • It is of crucial importance that you can identify these symptoms and understand how they affect you. You have done this remarkable well. You have the problem all figured out. Now you have to learn to live in the solution and not evaporate in merely existing. You have no joy?
      Instead of being disappointed at least bring some joy to others. It will rub off. You must get out of yourself.

  5. Dearest Becky, You sound so depressed to me. Are you getting any help anywhere? I’m not a Doctor but have felt like you describe. Medicine might be needed. Counseling might be helpful. Please hang in there. The world will look brighter one day. Stay with us. This is a good blog for support but if you can find face to face support it is better. Be gentle to yourself. Clar

    • thank u so much clar for connecting w becky! she is like so many of us out here who feel alone in our struggles. w your comment, we might perceive that we r not even though we may feel that way. keep talking.

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