Between Me and Thee While We Are Apart


I woke up and thought, I love and am loved. I heard the birds. I recognized different songs. I know “our” birds outside our door. So grateful. The morning noises in the house, kids – This is what I pray about when I pray, “Be between me and thee while we are apart one from another.”

Every day takes us.  We go toward and away.  We connect and disconnect.  What do you hope stays close when you weave your pattern?  When you are taken into your day?

It may be a day.  It may be education.  It may be divorce, bankruptcy, or a change in condos that takes you.  It may be as simple as getting a haircut.

As hairstylist Jane said, “I see people come in here all day trying so hard to be unique, and I can’t believe that they don’t see just how un-unique they are.”  She was noticing that “unique” implies disconnect. Those of us in this condition may be grooming toward disconnectedness and missing that even the pursuit of this is inherently a connecting force between me and thee.

Let us acknowledge the connections, not fear them.

Back in the day, there was Laban and Jacob, who had shared space for many years.  When they separated, they artfully practiced connection.

Now therefore come thou, let us make a covenant, I and thou; and let it be for a witness between me and thee.And Jacob took a stone, and set it up for a pillar.And Jacob said unto his brethren, Gather stones; and they took stones, and made an heap: and they did eat there upon the heap….And Laban said, This heap is a witness between me and thee this day. And Mizpah (“watchtower”); for he said, The LORD watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another.

Here, many centuries later, we remember our declaration of independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776.  It is our watchtower of sorts, a time when we celebrate our freedom, beautifully crafted into what brings us together.  Freedom is not synonymous with disconnection.  It is the ability to choose, to move in and out, to live with boundaries that are made of ribbons rather than walls, to have distance and still remain close to where our heart is.

Questions:  What connections over Independence Day weekend are you celebrating?  Please speak out.  We need to hear you.

Self-Care Tip:  Let your uniqueness and freedom be a connecting force in your life.  Be a friend to yourself.

3 thoughts on “Between Me and Thee While We Are Apart

  1. Mizpah. It is setup as a memorial or a witness between Jacob and laban. It was a testament to an oath. In this case a warring to Jacob to be good to Labans daughters, Rachael, who Jacob loved and Leah the daughter he was tricked into marring. Not stated but implied that if Jacob did not do well by them, Laban would goto war with Jacob. Not the best of realtionships.
    As for a connection I have for independance. I am watched over by my family for independance with makes me dependant on them.

    • nice expansion of context. thank you. Good coming from negativity in and around us because that is what Good does is impressive every time.
      awesome to hear about your support network.
      thank you very much for commenting. keep on.

  2. Hi Dr. Q I use to worry about what others thought about me and I realized we all have problems we all have what I like to call a cruch for some it’s alcohol for others its pot we are all trying not to get knocked down by the next big wave of life’s problems this fallen world. My cruch is God he is also real and personal to me I care about what he thinks of me cause I know he is never wrong he created me he does not create mistakes. He is a God of love and mercy. He gives us various struggles for us to grow and learn how to love one another no one is perfect we are all sinners. He created my two most wonderful blessing my little aubree and Owen no matter what life brings I will praise God till my last breath by taking better care of myself by taking my medication. I fought this battle with myself I thought how could someone just take a pill and your problems disappear well they don’t disappear medication helps you identify and if possible solve your problems it is my second cruch it is in my opinion the best coping skill out there. Life is a struggle for everyone don’t just exists choose to live. Thank you Dr.Q for all your hard work and dedication you are someone I look up two I will for ever be grateful you are my new best friend. Only God knows our birthday and last day here on earth so forgive like it’s your last chance. Forgive and forget let go move on life is to precious and short. Live on.

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