Entitled to Rise Above the Bad

If we’re constantly anxious about bad things that can happen we’re trapped. We have to believe you can beat “it” in terms of our strength. When bad things do happen, we have to believe we are entitled to rise above them. 

Never allow yourself to hate. It will eat you up and you will lose yourself.  Defense mechanism will crumble.

You cannot hate. You cannot be bored. 

Do something. Create something.  

Question: Do you believe you are entitled to rise above the bad? Why? Please tell us your story.

8 thoughts on “Entitled to Rise Above the Bad

  1. First we realize that much of our misfortune is of our own creation. Then we learn to make better choices. Then we must live life on life’s terms , changing what we can and accepting what we cannot. Please accept my late Happy Easter regards.

      • Hard to answer without very specific definition of “entitled”. Are we really entitled to anything? Well the Dec of Ind and other docs of human rights say were are. Entitled ? Deserve? All is by God’s grace. I do believe in self empowerment from a secular view and we can be empowered with faith and courage and fortitude as Christians as well. But never felt(as far too many do) that life owes me anything. We should not merely let bad things crush us. We are entitled to struggle to survive I think. Hopefully we may achieve peace.

        • Thank you Carl! You have a natural way of putting this right. Words are like rugs – we just have so much woven into each one. Culture, aging process, practice and use, and we all know how dangerous rugs can be. We have all tripped on the corner once or more.
          Thank you again. Keep on.

  2. Because the sun always shines after the rain and it’s glorious!
    The tough battles in life should help you appreciate all your blessings. There are blessings everyday by opening your eyes every morning.
    Love this Dr. Johnson-Quijada!

  3. For me I would say impowered. I guess entitled relates more to a religious context or do I entitle myself?

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