How I Feel About You

Sorry folks.  Not much of a writer today.  My dog is sick sick.  I’m distracted.  My daughter got upset.  “Mommy, you love Maggie more than you love me!”  Huh?

We’re in the middle of a garage conversion and our contractor said his 14 year old daughter wrote him a letter when he had his 3rd child.  “Dad, I know now that you have another baby you won’t be able to spend time with me any more….”

Readers, my dog is sick but that doesn’t change how I feel about you.  (Smile.)

Sleep well.

4 thoughts on “How I Feel About You

  1. Hi Sana,

    Thank you for your previous post—so much to think about! And thank you for using your gifts to put something positive and helpful out into the world. I am enjoying your blog so much.

    I hope your dog feels better!

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