It’s Not All Good


Self-Care Tip # 100 – Don’t forget what you know to be true, when other people don’t keep up with your learning curve.

You have finally started to understand that You take care of you.  You bought into that when you do, you can do more of what you want to do for others.  You believe that the responsibility to be healthy in mind and body starts and ends with the “Me.”  Isn’t that wonderful?  Yes.  Don’t forget it when other people don’t keep up.

Cynthia was on a self-awareness high.  She saw through open eyes her neglected self.  She was astounded looking at her thrashing person giving her last bit of stuff to the jobs she infrequently satisfied.  Instead of feeling defeated, however, she now felt empowered.  She was so ready!

It went well for a time.  Her husband noticed, approved, commended, and encouraged her.  They talked about it.  Her kids, reluctantly let go of her legs so she could leave to exercise.  At work, she personalized less and was not as interested in office politics – contented to do her own job.  Then it slowly started.  People started resenting her for it.  Her peers starting making jabs.  The kids would climax and tantrum just as she was about to leave to exercise.  But what really surprised her, and not in a good way, was when her husband got upset.  Not a lot.  But enough that the guilt she had talked down seized the opportunity to multiply.  It was like gremlins.  When the guilt gets wetted like that, it multiplies!

Doing what is right is not always celebrated.  Cynthia is working through that now and every day, as it is for you and me, she is finding the courage to get past that.

Question:  What has surprised you good or bad in your journey towards self-care?  What have you needed the most courage for?  Please tell me your story.

3 thoughts on “It’s Not All Good

  1. Great article.

    What can be surprising to me is my own resistance to doing the things that I know help me feel better.

    What I’ve learned is once I get started I enjoy yoga, meditation, exercise, eating right. Time and time again this is true for me so I try and keep it in mind to get through that initial resistance.

    Support and encouragement from others also gets me over the hump.

    • Many thanks Char! How nice to find your comment. Your story is one that so many of us can relate to and really resounded with me. Once we can get going, sometimes the positive feedback has an energy of it’s own offering momentum to further friendly self-care efforts. And support from others! ah! Nectar. Please come again and comment often! Your voice is wonderful. Keep on!

    • Interesting, the “initial resistance”. That is a tough one.

      Normally I just pack a gym bag, drive over there without thinking about it too much and end up enjoying it.

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