Hear, Be Heard, Believe and Speak In Your Language.

c. 1868

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Self-Care Tip #187 – Say it better by saying it in your voice.  Be a friend to yourself.

We all have our own language.  I’m not talking about Hungarian or Spanish.  I’m roughly talking about Jungian typology.  We speak and hear, we are heard and we find that we believe better with it.  But we don’t all know that and so don’t treat ourselves with enough courtesy.

For example, many of us used to think that listening to emotions was silly and that using graphs and quoting studies was smart.  (Who ever heard of smart emotions or even spiritual intelligence for that matter?!)  We used to hold our breath and hope our brains would change if we despised our own wiring enough.  As if our genes would get the hint, give up their mortgage and leave town, disgraced.

Hopefully after the paternity of the genes in question was established, and if we grew a little, we noticed that there is no better way to speak than what is our own voice.

Say it.

That was lovely.  Thank you.

We can listen to the beautiful music of Celine Dion French Album, or watch the foreign film Like Water for Chocolate (Spanish: Como agua para chocolate) without subtitles, or sing the African-American spiritual song from the 1930s, Kumbaya.  We will get a partial understanding of what is intended, what is said, what is felt.  We will know that someone is desperately in love with someone else, for example, in Como Agua Para Chocolate – but not get the full story of course unless we hear the words in the language we know.  Saying that one language is greater than another is hopefully buried with Hitler.  Our temperaments speak uniquely as well by design.  They are not qualified differently from each other.  True, they are better suited for different tasks, jobs, audiences.  But that doesn’t make one smarter or dumber than another.  Regardless of the bank account any one or many may hold, there is no difference in value between them.

If we want to say something, ….  Well all I can say is this just feels right?  You know what I mean?  😉

Question:  What has helped you discover your language best?  How has it helped you understand your connections better?  Please tell me your story.

14 thoughts on “Hear, Be Heard, Believe and Speak In Your Language.

  1. My language is my artwork and it is my spiritual connection to everything else. Can’t find the words to explain. It just is.

  2. “We used to hold our breath and hope our brains would change if we despised our own wiring enough. As if our genes would get the hint, give up their mortgage and leave town, disgraced.”

    You hit it for me. We used to talk about this in college. One of my friends suggested that we hook up to the oxygen tank in the lab once in a while to give our brain a boost. We were puzzles how Steve would study only the night before and ace the chemistry final. We could’t do that. In fact I never did and still don’t speak chemistry.
    I once had someone tell me that the impression I cast in written form was not understood well by others although he got it. Guess I am better in person as far as communicating and being communicated to. Still find high emotion hard to take although I am prone to have them from time to time. Especially weak for a guy, right?

    Nice one, Sana

  3. Thanks for writing something that I really don’t understand. I was starting to feel a little over-confident regarding my abilities. I do know that God speaks to me in many ways… even through wwf….. that makes me happy

  4. Language (in the ordinary sense, not including the visual or nonverbal or mathematical) is imprecise and clumsy, not well suited to ordinary human communication in most situations (or it could be that I’m just a particularly poor communicator in ordinary situations). But this is precisely what makes it beautiful and true in art, in poetry, in artistic fiction & nonfiction. The slippage, the double meanings, the sounds, the blur between the observed and the intuited … these make artistic language more economical (hard packed), harder to understand for the uninitiated, but closer to Truth, closer to true communication than everyday uses of language, even when interpretations differ. Communication is one of the major reasons for breakups/divorces (I know it was in my pending second divorce) for the same reasons that poetry is so satisfying. We all speak different languages, just as you say, Doc. We don’t acknowledge that and seek to clarify what each other are saying in ordinary communication. In poetry, we acknowledge it and celebrate it.

  5. i live a language as 0s and 1s very simple no couler but its simple good bad yes no i will work to a new language system one day with colour and yes no and maybe my blog is my othere language but i useually do that after things have happened so i can modderate itmakes it a bit more friendlyer

  6. After taking the typology test, I am a ISFJ, moderately expressed in all. The Course In Miracles states our bodies are only a communication device or tool. Thank you for suggesting I read this post. Communication of Love is the only lasting thing here in this world we made, in our dream. Our illusion. Love is the only truth or Truth. And the best way to communicate it is what I am here to find out.

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