You Bring Light

Tonight my eyes are heavy and I’m yearning to go exercise before the clock denies me the chance.  I’ve thought of you folk all day and your thoughtful replies to our difficult questions.  I sense that the difficult questions are not finished for us.  We wonder together, and that wondering in company with you has become my white light – many, perhaps small, particles of different colors and brilliance coming together into what we have.





Thinking about your comments, I remembered Marsha, a young adult who asked me, intelligently, hands flung open to the universe at large,

Who am I if I’m a different person just by taking these pills.  I’m so different!  I like that difference but I’m scared by it too.

She was so vulnerable sitting there, lip faintly quivering on her down angled face.  She asked as we ask together, as I believe God wants us to ask, to know that we have an essence and because that essence has an indestructible connection to Him, the intuitive fear falls into a more friendly perspective.

Good night friends who bring light.  Thank you.  Keep on.

24 thoughts on “You Bring Light

  1. One day Marsha may realize the pills don’t make her a different person.

    They help to clear away the cobwebs—by taking them and working with her doctor—the true Marsha comes shining through.

    From one who has been there

  2. You bring us light, too, dear Sana, though your words and through the thoughts and questions you bring out in us. Keep on, please…for you and for us. Hope you slept well. Strange sleeping on the other side of the country last night, but sleep I did!

      • Thanks. I did…and I will continue to. Hope you did, too. What I am realizing tonight (because last night I was too tired to realize anything) is that, after nine weeks of wonderful California life, one of the hardest thing about coming back here is that I don’t end my day with this blog. I have to wait until tomorrow for tonight’s post. I miss it…more than I realized I would. It doesn’t feel as if the day has quite ended without all that this site has come to mean to me.

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