Misrepresentation Of Self-Care Will Inevitably Be Part of Our Truth

Self-Care Tip #239 – Let the misrepresentation be.

In our efforts here at FriendtoYourself.com, we try through our limited selves, our flawed selves, our biased selves to understand self-care as well as we can.  Never-the-less, the process of the ongoing mix-and-separate leaves us ever aware that our work is unfinished.

When I say, “It’s biological,” see that there are other things in the room.  Please see the windows and doors still open.  Please know that I don’t deny that there are other senses than my own, other dimensions and other realities than what we perceive.  The reason I don’t always mention them, credit them for behaviors and emotions, the reason you don’t hear me say often enough that we are not unidimensional is that I speak about my area of experience – the brain.  It is what I do.  I am not an expert at all paradigms.

Acknowledging one reality is not a denial of the other unless… well unless other things happen, which I’m not ready to clarify.  I will throw out that maybe intention to throw them out needs to be there too.  Maybe saying that, we are in danger of being perceived to be denying other reasons.  It reminds me of Escher’s work of repeating beautiful patterns to infinity.

This makes many of us uncomfortable who are designed to be sensory aware, in the moment and  in the barn – contrasted to others who are wired to be connecting big picture concepts and grazers.  (See my blog-posts on Jungian-typology for more.)  I acknowledge this intuitive emotion response with respect and equality to any other of our temperaments, all of which are neither better nor worse than the other.  The discomfort that comes when we are out of our area of genetic-genius does not have moral quality; it just is.

The emotions will come.  We want them; the senses that interpret our reality.  We will with our sixth sense, our individual genetic  genius, our 10,000 hours of hard work and experience, with magic of what we still don’t understand and with our God – we will take care.  Of our selves, we will find a friend.

Questions:  Do you mind it?  All the bits that you don’t know about self-care still?  Do you mind the way it is misunderstood around you, projected and assuming?  How do you deal?  Please tell me your story.

14 thoughts on “Misrepresentation Of Self-Care Will Inevitably Be Part of Our Truth

  1. assuming the mother f%%% of everything very famous phrase in this country self care is one of the weirdest of subjects what do i know about self care try to think something i have learned and be thoughtful what the mind doesn’t see the mind doesn’t know so stuff i don’t know i shall pick up on the way never stop learning knoledge is power

  2. I don’t mind all of the bits and pieces that are still missing in my self care journey. I don’t mind, anymore, that I’m misunderstood. I misunderstood myself until recently. I want to be healthy and, like Escher’s work, I’m becoming something – someone – else…morphing from a fish to a bird, if you are familiar with that piece. However, like Kevin, I don’t want to ever stop learning…especially when it effects my life and health. I’m good with bits and pieces; I’m okay with misunderstandings; and I LOVE M.C. Escher! Thanks.

    • fair enough LS. i appreciate your perspective. sometimes i write a little too foofy for anyone to make out! u rn’t the 1st to break it to me ;). thank u so much for sticking around. can’t tell u all that your presence contributes. u have a voice. keep on.

  3. You know what? I have no idea what you said. Good thing I don’t have a need to understand everything. I am ok with not knowing everything. ;~)

    • laughing! i get the message LS and Patiricia! i’m about ready to delete the post for the day because i am understanding it less and less the more feed-back i get! 😉
      u r a delight. thank u for coming and giving us some of your joy.

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