11 thoughts on “Thanks for the love

  1. Thanks Sana – Andrea & I thought the same .. We enjoyed the workshop and would like to see you extend beyone the 3 weeks – There is so much growth to achieve !

    • Denny! u n Andrea r too sweet and cute really. i luv’d sharing the past 2 tuesdays w u. i feel the same way. there is a lot we could continue to do together but i’m not ready to put it on the calendar yet! ;). keep on!

  2. I have very much enjoyed the past 2 weeks, although being a “big fat T”, I don’t always understand everything. I”m glad Michelle dragged me to the first event and look forward to next week and hearing her 5 minute share. I certainly have plenty of my own issues to work through, so this has been a pleasant and thought provoking experience for me.


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