Reworking Choices With Your Physician as Part of Your Team

What do you want? 

It is one of my challenges as a physician when someone comes to see me for reasons I’m not able to accommodate.  I can’t validate them.  I can’t tell them what they want to hear.

What can I do?  Help them “realize” that they came to see me for another reason.  Another way to say it is to help them “choose” another agenda.  A part of them realizes their need for help; they came.  A part of them believes I am a person that can help; they came.  A part of them.  A part that I and the patient are responsible to find and shift agendas deliberately or by any wiles possible.

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We are an unusual team in this.  How often do you find another so awkwardly paired?  Yet these are some of my best patient-doctor relationships.

What do you want?

When there is a meeting up, a connection and everyone is working for the same “want,” both presence and movement are natural responses.  It’s like we’re standing still in the moment, senses taking it in, and moving all the while.  The process of moving itself brings pleasure and healing.  It is not always about arriving.  It is not always what we think we want.

Self-Care Tip – Enjoy your re-choices and what you will get from them.

Questions:  Have you every found yourself being “helped” to have a different agenda that improved your presence and movement in your personal journey?  Please tell us your story.

9 thoughts on “Reworking Choices With Your Physician as Part of Your Team

  1. I am going to stay with the doctor-patient relationship. At 1st I wanted a cure, then better management of my symptoms. Much later I finally understood the doctor’s message: I won’t feel better until I accepted that who I am, with my illness and my symptoms, is what I am. I had to stop fighting who I am, to start feeling better about myself. It’s a balancing act that still catches me by surprise some days more than others. It is what it is. Hugs. Marie.

  2. Answer to the last question: Yes! I found it at the zoo and it helped tremendously with my personal journey. You just need to know what zoo to go to, 🙂

    I’m sorry. I’m so tired I’m a bit loopy. I met a doctor at a zoo and my life changed. Amazing how a few words, some neat kids and a smile can make you re-think how your life is going!! I call it

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