No water and no Internet

I don’t know which is worse – no water or no Internet. Oh poor me. Boo hoo. (I’m laughing cuz I know how pathetic I sound.)
I was w/o water yesterday and today alas, no Internet. I think I am in shock. If you don’t hear from me again, please know that I loved you. Think of me with fond memories and carry on the torch. Out.

14 thoughts on “No water and no Internet

  1. I know the feeling. We never know how much we depend on things until they are temporaily taken away. A few times we’ve lost electricity due to storms and even though I know the power is out I still flick light switches etc…

  2. Hope all is resolved quickly. Having no water is truly a problem. What I dislike most is when we lose power altogether and I realize how dependent we have all become on modern conveniences. I get completely bored quickly, and remember with fondness times in childhood when I thought losing power was a huge adventure.

    My “inconvenience” today is that my 2 yr old granddaughter is ill and her mom has a new job and has only been working for a few weeks so I need to take the baby to the doctor this morning and to watch her all day. While I have work and responsibilities, because my time is more flexible, I am the one elected. When I retired from 30 yrs of directing an adoption agency recently I thought I would be free to build and develop my coaching work, but alas, life always seems to have other plans, but I am always hopeful and treasure what time I do have to pursue my needs, my goals and my passions.

  3. I feel you. The hotwater tank broke and it took the building owners a month to replace it! It’s not as bad as no water, but it’s not good either. I survived my dark ages adventure as I’m certain you will too!

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