Social-Media as Self-Care

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Hello Friends.

Introducing you to mutually interested others in being a friend to yourself:

#MHON is a supportive Twitter chat led by credentialed Mental Health professionals around Mental Health issues. Every week or so, a different licensed mental health professional is featured, who discusses his or her specialty and takes questions from the participants.

#MHON runs weekly on Wednesdays  at 12 Noon – 1 PM EST. #MHON is co-moderated by Kathy Morelli, LPC, Tammy Whitten, LMFT, and Ann Becker-Schutte, PhD.  Contact them

via Twitter: @KathyAMorelli  @WomenAndStress  @DrBeckerSchutte

You can participate in chat and also as a host if you are a licensed mental health professional.  Since this is good for Me/you, yours truly put myself out there, and have happily been “invited” (okay, self-invited) to be a guest host on May 16.  Yay!

Join in in any way you like.  Also if you have any other sources of self-care like this that you’d like to share, please let us know.  More “Yays!”

Disclaimer: #MHON  is not intended to be a substitute for ongoing care by your personal doctor or therapist, but is informational and psycho-educational in nature.

13 thoughts on “Social-Media as Self-Care

  1. This week’s TIME did story new DSM. 350 diagnoses ! “…help APA members bill insurance companies for more conditions.” Dr. Robert Spitzer and Dr. Allen Frances – “Both have suggested that DSM 5 will lead to the pathologization of ordinary behaviors…” I would think a dozen or two general categories (fear, anger, depression, perceptiveness, etc) would be adequate under which to categorize conditions with more complexity or particulars for adequate diagnoses re condition billing reference and condition identification. After all how many tools exist beyond pills, talk, nutrition, mindfulness, institutionalization and exercise?


    • u speak of politics, finances, medical/residency training and teaching materials, medical care, the medically ill, – u speak of so much that has summarily brought us to this point. i was very fortunate to have spent time w some old timer psychiatrists who were trained themselves before this place in time arrived, who look at patients with the knowledge of what came before us, what has shaped our view of “the patient” and of diagnosis and that has made an enormous impact on me. I know i wouldn’t have been the same if i hadn’t and i am forever grateful the to Magic, the Love – who I call God that brought me here. carl, keep growling.


  2. This sounds like an awesome project. People who have questions and can’t currently go to the doctor receive immediate help. If only we could contact our doctors through twitter for things like that when they don’t answer the phone, hah.

    I just found this post one day before it starts, good luck!


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