Super Act Of Friendship


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One of my biggest bestest connections is now Kaia Fitness.  In the year 2012, shortly after the onset of a life-morphing tragedy, and while in line to order my green tea no classic soy latte with extra matcha and a scoop of protein, (big smile), I noticed two bonny blonds standing behind me.

I met the initiative and creative sisters themselves.  They both practice medicine and passion for being a friend to Me, which you can imagine, had me wagging.

Would you like to join us this morning in Kaia?

Here we are thirteen weeks later and I’m spilling over in gratitude.  So much that I can’t but tell you, too.

One of the favorite lines of Kaia-girls is in brief that no matter how slow or “behind” or ashamed we are of the condition of Me, we’re still better off than someone on the couch.   And I am.

I’m better off than I was thirteen weeks ago.  My body brings me more pleasure than shame.  My beloved tenuous weaving threads, including friendships, have increased in number and I am designed for connection.  I suffer less ridiculous guilt.  I have more of my freedoms, hope, purpose and presence with the frailty of my Time-tied life.  I see Me a little more; the blend of my flaws with my fine stitches.

I’m better to others.  That’s what others notice of course.  Barely.  Not the stars in my rug, but sometimes, they notice, or rather complain less about Me.  Otherwise, they don’t.  Not much more fanfare than that.  Not much endorphin-ee drama.

Yet again, I see that it all comes back to MeWhere it started.

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  1. You are an awesome woman and very enlightened. Nice to know you. I am also a Kaia girl working on my awesomeness one day at a time. It’s the best workout and the best women I have ever met. Party!

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