Tenuous Connections – Where is Our Rock?

Skógafoss waterfall

Skógafoss waterfall (Photo credit: big-ashb)

So thinking more about Alena and her alien psychiatrist-poser

Why is Alena known, or recognized, by Alien?

Where Alien came from, brain illness isn’t sustained by the stress of living on her planet.  Those with brain illness either adapt to the primitive resources they live in or they, (pause,) “don’t.”  The community doesn’t know this is happening consciously.  They just know that some people are able to do what earthlings consider magic.  Those with brain illness evolved to survive.  Alien was one such benefactors of time and stress on biology.  She was not there for the process, but for the product

Earth was alarming.  It was the first time she’d ever seen someone with a broken mind.  Knowing where she came from gave her mixed feelings….

I’m getting my hands into this Time-play playtime!  Woohoo!  I have been rumbling over the beauty of all the beloved connections I enjoy, the cherished anchors and reflectors that I’ve used so long to stabilize my identity with.  My heritage, my profession, my employments, my interpersonal relationships, family, my body, currencies, and so much more gives me a sense of security.  A sense, however, in truth and not Time-less.  As so many of us know what the other side of that water-fall looks like – divorced parents, physical/sexual/emotional abuse, illicit drugs, loneliness, poverty, a bone spur or arthritis.

If Time is an arrow, what gives the increasingly obvious wispiness of our securities power?  What is our strength from?

I remember back when we discussed our Essence, the bit of Me that isn’t lost to death, suffering or brain illness.  According to, From Eternity to Here: The Quest for the Ultimate Theory of Time, by Sean Carroll, he’d say this can only exist if this Essence in Me is connected to space and Time.

Question:  Where does your connection come from?

Self-Care Tip:  Discover where you security comes from.

5 thoughts on “Tenuous Connections – Where is Our Rock?

  1. William Wordsworth, in his poem, Ode:Intimations on Immortality, suggests that we come from heaven, remember it and its beauty through the beauty of God’s creation which is all around us, and, slowly and sadly, begin to forget as we get older only to begin to remember again as we get closer to the end of our lives. In my worst moments, I have wondered, as I read Psalm 139, how Wordsworth’s words could be in any way true in my story. Why, in the psalmnist’s words, did God know what I would live through and did nothing to stop it? Ironically, all things considered, I grew up believing in a loving God and so I chose, as I became more healthy, to believe that God loves me and was with me, no matter what, and that, therefore, Wordsworth’s words speak the truth I wish to accept. My connection comes from heaven. My existance here on earth is a path on which I saw God’s beauty in my childhood, tried to keep remember it as I journeyed, often painfully, through that childhood and into adulthood, and see it more clearly now as I look toward the end of my life. The recent death of a close friend way too close to my age and even closer to the age of my husband has caused me to look again at Wordsworth’s poem and read again Psalm 139. No matter what my life has been, I have been blessed to have started it with One who loves me and, as I watched Tom being laid to rest, I am convinced that life doesn’t end in sadness but in the joy of knowing that I, as Tom now has, will continue in Wordsworth’s heaven with God again holding me in all of his beauty and grace. My future here, then, is to continue to see more and more of the beauty around me – to stop and smell the roses, if you will – so that maybe I can help God to orient the children as they start on their earthly journey and convince them that the psalmist has it right, too. God knows us, has known us, will always know us and He is the reason that we survive to return to Him…our connection re-connected.

  2. Every day is a struggle without my one true love. I lost my husband in Aug.2011, still there is a connection. I feel him, sense his presence. It is a gift from God.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

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