Quirky Blessings


I did it again!  Left the house in my slippers.  Mercy.  Didn’t realize until I parked at work.  So, I think again about balance and slipper reminders.

Oh, and about the socks… I have my reasons.  Smile.

Question:  What has been helping you toward balance?  Please tell us.

Self-care tip:  Allow quirks in life to be the blessings that they are.

6 thoughts on “Quirky Blessings

  1. Hello Dear Friend.
    Love the sock color!
    John Mellencamp says it best. He says ‘I know there is a balance, I know it when I swing past.”
    Seriously though, I have used a form of holotropic breath work, meditation, connecting with someone who loves me. Most of all it is about leaving my mind and entering my heart, which I can do best, when I have humility and trust in Ggod.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family.


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