Hold Judgement

There are many traps that slow and trip us in life. Traps that shut us down. Yesterday I spoke about the neurological grooves and the role our choice has in making new grooves.

Behavioral changes are important, like putting up a road block in the path your thoughts usually travel. Knowing that my kids will tell me to put a dollar in the family jar if I yell (a road block), helps me pause long enough before I fall into that neurological loop and I’m blazing a new trail in my brain. Every time I cover that new path, success is more likely the next time. I know I’ll continue to be stressed. Life won’t stop. But, I have more hope that I won’t yell as a way to cope.

Saying that our behaviors are more than just results of our own choices is advanced for our culture, for the opinion of socialites. Knowing that our behaviors are the children of both neurological loops as well as the spirit of choice. Think about the many times in church when you’ve been preached at to turn from your ways, as if you were choosing them in the 1st place. The spirit of choice is the majority of what people talk about in any forum. And we agree, it is important. However, we don’t agree entirely. We now know about neurological loops and understand that the spirit of choice isn’t what’s behind everything other people see. Could there also be more? Yes!

In time, we’ll uncover other influences on the spectrum of behaviors. There are more. There are other paradigms that make us into our personalities. What would social opinion say of that? What does your own critical self say? When getting friendly with yourself, remember, things are never as bad as they seem, even you. As we tease apart the different influences on where our behaviors come from we’ll learn more of the mechanics on what to do with what we find.

Self Care Tip #6: Hold judgement. Be a friend to Yourself!

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