What’s Happening in Your Space?

Almost finished a triathlon today.  If it wasn’t for that chafing because I forgot my biking shorts, I think I would have.  I was wearing surfer shorts.  I will never poke at people who whine about chafing.  They’re right!  It hurts!  Enough for me to cut my run in half twice.  And I walked.   People I saw afterward kept saying “At least you finished!”  I felt like I had to confess but then I’d want to explain so I left it all out which I know in itself is a little lie if there is any such thing as a little lie, so I’m atoning by confessing to you.  There.  (Breath.)

The truth is, even though I cut across lawn, and walked the cross walk, and broke all sorts of athlete-codes of honor, I had such a wonderful time.  With all my abbreviating, I caught up with my brother, Vance Johnson, and his 10% body fat.  He’s always been sensitive, so he kindly slowed to walk me down the last stretch.  We don’t get to spend enough time together and even a few moments like that are golden!  We were laughing and strolling and probably looking too pleased to be appropriate for the last 40 yards of a long race.  So, of course it took us both a few extra seconds to realize what the woman had yelled as her large frame thundered by.  “If you aren’t going to race, get off the road!”  It was extra shocking because it was like a parallel universe suddenly collided ours.  We were happy.  I with my swollen inner thigh, and Vance with his little sister as audience.  It was over-cast, perfect weather for the day.  The beach was a few yards to our right.  Everything else was San Diego green.  Then, Pow!  “Get off the road!”

At first, I was ticked.  “Listen …,” I said in my mind.  Not nice.  But then I saw my brother.  How could I be angry?

There were many scenarios of this woman’s life that a carousel flashed on the screen in my mind.  Maybe none of them were true. Maybe she was simply an avid committed athlete who found us people soiling her turf.  Whatever the situation was, she was finishing the race and looked like she’d done well for her potential.  She hadn’t cut lawn and street.  She wasn’t walking.  She was running or galloping or something.  But she wasn’t happy about any of it.  Looking back, she might see us as the reason her mood soured.  Regardless the reason or the date and time of onset, she was sour.

It was only a few moments really that my thoughts stayed on her.  Vance had moved on to another subject and I didn’t want to miss it.  Reflecting now though, of course I’m struck by the perspective of success and failure.  A race is a perfect stage for demonstrating something with a beginning, middle and ending.  Sounds like a shortened version of life.

I’m not sure who first said that there is only one beginning and one ending to life.  “It’s the journey that matters.”  Probably God.  Someone who is timeless and infinite would get that.  Today He blessed us with that.  I can’t count on myself to have it the next time.  God knows I’ve been the one screaming something like, “Get off the road!” enough times before.  But next time, I hope I remember what God gave Vance and me today.  I hope I will succeed as happily as I did today when I lost the race.

Self Care Tip #65 – Get into the in-between spaces in your life and go for the joy!  Be a friend to yourself.

Question:  What have you been finding in your own space?  What do you think?

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18 thoughts on “What’s Happening in Your Space?

  1. Were you walking side by side on a narrow trail?
    Boy is that hard for me when I am in a hurry in the store and the isle is blocked. Should be a fast lane for us serious shoppers. 🙂 Actually I am often in the in-between space and taking heat for it.

  2. I once had a really bad experience with chafing, so I feel your pain! 😉

    That’s about as insightful as I get today, on so little sleep… except to say that I love your message in this post. Sometimes life’s trials are the very things that veer us off onto more beautiful avenues. There is someone in my extended family right now who is going through a very, very hard time…but I do think in the end, she is now on a path where she is seeing just how serious our family is about being loyal to our own. Our family never leaves, and she is seeing just how strongly our values can enfold her and comfort her.

    • Hey Sarah! u r profound. I don’t care. every day any day girl, u r found and profound! love your comments. Blessings on your family! I hear you. we don’t love each other because of what people do for us. we love them for who they are! Keep on!

  3. Time still passes. No matter how fast you run or how slow you walk. Sports can help in several ways but should not cost you anger, aggravation, frustration. That woman who snapped lost all the positive endocrine and spiritual benefits of her exercise, while you got more benefit that even the exercise alone can give.
    A good laugh is as good as a walk – See research on Laughter’s effect on health by Professor Lee Burke at Loma Linda University.
    I’m not sure how to stay “in-between” though I laugh hard.

    • Hello Zachary! Nice to meet you in “blog-land.” Thank you very much for reading and commenting! Hope to see you again.
      Good point. How do we stay “in-between?” I wonder if it’s partly a question of how we don’t rush out of it? partly issue of temperaments.
      I’ll check out Burke. Keep on!

  4. I feel your pain regarding the chafing! I did military service and boy those uniforms were horrible!

    I do believe the journey matters most, if God hadn’t intended it that way we would’ve been blessed with the ability to appreciate flowers next to the road 🙂

  5. In-between-spaces…..hmmm in-between-spaces. I know that’s supposed to sound like a positive place…why doesn’t it sound that way to me?

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