Trust The Momentum of Your Own Desires

Writing every day has blessed me.  It has however also taken away.  Aside from the obvious such as time, I’ve missed reading in the evenings.  I used to spend most of my evenings jamming happily through fast page turning books.  I love bound paper.

I’ve always had something of sensory issues.  My girlfriend Marlo Albritton, MS, CCC-SLP always laughs at me in the car – every other moment adjusting the angle of the vent or the pressure or the direction of the air that can never hit my face or the temperature.  In books, it is so many things as well that get me.  The smell and touch of course, the sound of fingers on page, swish there’s a turn, the visual in my hands or when I set it down.  I fidget but any way I turn, the book is my focal point, a lover!  The book keeps pace with me too.  When I wander, it waits patiently, unpressured and available.  When I must rush because I might die if I don’t reach the story’s climax, the book is the perfect buddy swimmer.  Like a good psychotherapist, the book is there for me.  It is a unidirectional relationship.  There aren’t many good unidirectional relationships.

I listen to audio books sometimes.  When I exercise or drive alone, and they are good.  But they are the fast food of the book pantry.  Never as satisfying.  They leave most of my senses quite alone.

I realize it is of course my own fault!  Not the blog or the writing.  I make the choices that keep me from reading.  I’m going to have to figure something out.  I can’t not read!  Remember when I said that time and energy increase when you do what you love?  (See “There is Room In Our Wanting Selves.”)  Well that’s what I’m putting my money on.  I’m going to trust the momentum of my own desires.

I’m off to read.

Self Care Tip #66 – Trust the momentum of your own desires.  Be a friend to yourself.

Question:  Do you have a sense of where your own momentum is taking you?  Please tell me your story.

4 thoughts on “Trust The Momentum of Your Own Desires

  1. I do pity those who can’t read, they miss out on such a wealth of information.

    Yes, we do make choices, in my case I more often than not would sit and doodle on a sketchpad than read .. *sigh*

    • Hey Thys le Roux! Keep doodling! if i may say, it seems to be what makes u happy, congruent w your inner self, consistent w your hard-wiring (genetics), gives u energy… i’d never feel bad about any of that! Keep on!!!!!!

  2. Hey Sana! I can understand needing that fix to cure sensory issues with reading a good book. I tend to go with reading online for the most part where I can come and go as I please and the trust old computer will be there where I left off..

    There is just SO much awesome reading to be had, and I have to consciously take the time to get stuck in and just do it..! I can never blame anyone else but myself for taking that time.

    Cheers to you and your wonderful blog!!

    • mike, i am still drumming up to the kindle plunge. i hear u though and this linear logic. i’m hoping to get my husband one for his upcoming b-d and if i like it, because he’s a gentleman will probably just let me have it! 😉 j/k.
      thank u soo much for your reading and comment w us. i’m delighted.

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