Self-Care Woven and Unravelled Simultaneously for Best Results

Change is good--Kente Cloth Loom

Self-Care Tip #222 – See the different parts of your self-care as independent yet dependent on each other.

One of my truest pleasures would be to teach well.  My temperament is, per Myers-Briggs, designed to be a teacher and I agree that I feel inner congruence when I’m doing just that.

…If you’re feeling your hands closing into a bracing grip, it is probably because you, like many, really don’t want to be schooled – which has happened in my less refined moments, so caution is understood.  This is not what I hope to do here.

After yesterday’s blog-post and comments received, it shows that I have not taught as well as I implied to myself.  Implied intimacy is a danger of any familiar relationship, including with ourselves.  The beauty of you guys, is you help me say things “out loud” decreasing misunderstandings.  You guys are teaching me and I thank you.  So whatever this is we are doing, learning, schooling, teaching or whatever it is that Mr. Rick C. does – what we are doing here together is mucho-much fun.

As we unravel the rug together, we see these threads,

  • emotions and behaviors appropriate to context – yesterday we spoke about guilt
  • emotions and behaviors inappropriate to context – yesterday we spoke about guilt as a symptom of medical illness
  • the magical miraculous beyond our current understanding – before we “see face-to-face– yesterday Carol Ann mentioned the changing power of God
  • freedom to do self-care and related choices
  • what choice yet remains when other choices are lost either by action or disease
  • (this last one I’m just putting in here to finish the pretty rainbow) – helps me get in the barn where I’m comfortable

The reason I think it’s important to see these together yet apart, as well as we can (through a glass dimly), is that too much of one or another of these, diminishes the results of our self-care intentions.  Don’t mistake this for preaching that one can get too much of God in their lives.  It just isn’t true and not in our best interest to get waylaid.

Questions:  How do you see yourself more effective in your self-care efforts and what has influenced those improvements?  In what way have certain bits of your self-care gotten “too much” attention?  Please tell me your story.

18 thoughts on “Self-Care Woven and Unravelled Simultaneously for Best Results

  1. Great post. I am going to the doctor about my cystic acne tomorrow: to hope to stitch up my sores on my face. I have tried everything first. After I heal this condition my self care will be much better along with my self esteem. Jackie

    • good company should always be invited to our rugs! hm. that doesn’t sound right. we’re in good company w each others rugs! hm. wait. rugs when shared make better life. – ah heck. i’m going over to make an equally eloquent comment on your blog-post.

  2. You are a natural at teaching so no closed fists here 🙂
    It’s funny for so many years (read decades here) I was the resource, Was knowledgable in my field of expertise being bossy..oops I mean the boss. When I started blogging I had no idea how much I would learn from you and others. For the first time since childhood I wake up each day hungry to learn more. And you my friend are always my first read!

  3. Since I logged into this blog last October, my rug has been woven into a rainbow of beautiful healing moments and thoughts and actions. I can’t believe the changes I’ve made in my self-care and the changes that self-care has made in me. But today a blue string is beginning to pull its way out of the rug and, if I let it, will unravel the rest of the rainbow with it. I’m never leaving the blog for as long as it lasts, but we’re leaving the vacation home we love in California and headed back to the home we love on the East Coast. Problem is that here life is so much less complicated and allows me so much more freedom to weave my rug of healing. I get scared thinking about seeing the threads I have so carefully and enthusiatstically woven together fall apart on the floor of responsibilities and time restraints and heart-tugging on the other side of the country. Somehow I need to find a way to thread the blue string back into the design so that I can fly home on a tight, if not complete, rug next week. Anyone have a needle??

    • laughing. too good nancy.
      “so that I can fly home on a tight, if not complete, rug” – thanks for the warning that when we see a UFO in a few days, we’ll just wave knowingly.
      Good foresight though. i wonder if that in itself is a mark of growth in your life. keep us posted.

  4. if i wove a rug what coulers would it have with me diffrent coulers for diffrent days ive allways liked pick and mix self care has helped me and this is the weird thing befire when everything was gone and lost i hit the reset button there was just my life to come back to yer there is plety of ups and down and predictble things but unlike on here you really never know what someone is going to say next one big mistake i made the last few weeks was i forgot rule number one look after yourself first i cant allways do that or and i forgot one other thing with out even seeing it i forgot about this blog i hid away in shame but im back not that many people would understand but this blog and the people who are on it they have been part of my coping mecanism tkae it away and it doesnt work really weird i had never done self care before i came here but it does help a lot

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