This Just In! From Clar Bowman-Jahn

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Clar Bowman-Jahn Released This GREAT NEWS!

Yes, I have good news. etreasurespublishing sent me the contract with their signatures on it this afternoon.

Let us give it up for Clar!  What a think to celebrate!  WHOOP!


7 thoughts on “This Just In! From Clar Bowman-Jahn

    • Thank you, Suzicate and Patricia, Now to find an illustrator. I had one in the wings after my teen one didn’t return my email but now he’s gotten busy and says he doesn’t have any time.
      With children’s books there’s no book without an illustrator.

  1. Thank you, I would love her email to ask her. Or if you’d ask her, that would be great! 🙂 How can we connect? It’s 24 to 28 illustrations and a book cover that would take priority. We would need to exchange phone numbers to talk over our vision for the book. I’m very interested.

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